Vocalist/Songwriter/Coach - Myah



Los Angeles


Professional Songwriter/Vocalist. Warner Chappell; I've written #1 Billboard & American Top 40 charting songs for major artists from Britney Spears to Lil Wayne. I've toured around the country as an artist on Capitol Records (My Crazy Girlfriend)/Background vocalist for Britney Spears on over 14+ songs/ Background Vocalist for Selena Gomez & Miley

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Billboard Music Producer  - Jaded


Billboard Music Producer

You need a hit! I’m not asking if you need one, I know you need one. You need something different rather than all those YouTube beats or copy cat producers! I can give you that, I’m a gold selling, #1 billboard charting producer that has producer for Quavo, lil baby, Derez De’Shon, guap Tarantino and a lot more.


Mixing, Music production, gtr - Gabriel


Mixing, Music production, gtr

I'm mixing live and in studio for nearly 20 years I'm also a music composer with several albums made under my band's name "The Engines Of Love", I also worked with a few know belgian bands as Jeronimo and Isola as studio and live mixing engineer. I'm also interest into session guitars and arrangements.

Producer//Creator//Visionary - 516



No major names to throw at you. No great accomplishments. Yet. But what I do have is an extra dose of creativity in the areas of producing, rapping, and drumming (not necessarily in that order). And I can't wait to share that creativity to the world through your project!

48 Channel on site recording - Paul


48 Channel on site recording

Paul Vazquez is a veteran of location recording and routinely records for artists across wide ranging genres. Labels such as Sony, Glassnote, Windup and more at venues from NYC to D.C., including Bowery Ballroom, Le Poisson Rouge, Mercury Lounge, Highline Ballroom, Music Hall of Williamsburg, National Cathedral, 9:30 Club and more.

Mixing & Mastering/ Production - Sal


Mixing & Mastering/ Production

Creative and driven Engineer / Producer with a passion for music.


Singer, Songwriter & Lyricist - FLÉXY


Singer, Songwriter & Lyricist

Fléxy is an Entertainer, singer and songwriter currently based in Milan, Italy".


Music Production/Mix/Master - Mike


Music Production/Mix/Master

Mike has worked in and for various recording studios across North America and the UK for the past 10 years. He is a mix/mastering engineer, producer, and session musician based out of Toronto Canada.


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