'Music Producer' - TyeProductionz


'Music Producer'

My name is tyeproductionz, I have the unique ability to go off vocals & energy to create the artist's & other producers vision. Any artist's & producers who have worked with me I have put them further in the spotlight or created records that will be remembered. I am here to help you with your vision and we will succeed together.

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Producer, Mixing-Engineer - ferpektrecords


Producer, Mixing-Engineer

Nothing in this world makes you feel more than music. Let's do this together and make the best we can do out of it.

Mixing, Mastering, Guitarist - Tony


Mixing, Mastering, Guitarist

I’m a musician, producer, arranger and mixer from Brazil. I have a lot of works with Brazilian music (bossa, samba, sertanejo and etc) recording acoustic guitars, mixing and making arranges! If you want to know more or make some demo of my work, contact me!

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Gerard


Remote Mixing and Mastering

My name is Gerard Wareham and I am a freelance audio engineer from the UK with 5 years experience of mixing and mastering . I have also studied degree level music technology and have qualifications in music theory. I aim to meet my clients needs and expectations every time.

Professional Mastering - Stuart


Professional Mastering

Get that polished, radio-ready sound! Professional Mastering enhancing your tracks to get the best out of your tracks using my experience and high end equipment.

Creative Mixing Engineer - Jeff


Creative Mixing Engineer

I take a creative approach to mixing. Grammy nominated engineer and producer out of the San Francisco Bay Area. House engineer at the world class studio, 25th Street Recording. I am dedicated to my clients and strive to deliver the highest quality of work in all musical genres.

Mixing and Producer - Chris


Mixing and Producer

I am a audio mixing engineer, not just for money but for the powerful of music, and feel the artist happy.

null - Raaj


Have worked with Grammy and Oscar winning Indian Music Producer A R Rahman Recording & Mixing work for MTV India unplugged season 02 and 03 (Credits on youtube) Recording & Mixing work for MTV India Coke Studio Season 03 Several other projects Interested in working with musicians who understand output they need

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