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 - Buttons Touching

Lulu Madill ....Sound Artist, Composer, Producer, has produced and engineered numerous albums in Melbourne and Darwin through her independent recording studio Buttons Touching Productions. Lulu has produced soundtracks for short film, theatre and dance performances.

Recording Studio, Mixing - Fireside Recording

Fireside Recording is a studio based out of Lubbock, TX, with the primary purpose of producing quality records. Our professionally trained engineers work closely and creatively with artists to capture that one-of-a-kind sound in a professional environment.

Producer, Mix Engineer - Chris Sweet


Recording Studio - Blue Bottle Studio

Blue Bottle Studios is equipped with top of the line gear from Industry Leading brand Universal Audio, Waves, Avid, Rode, Shure, Focusrite, Sennheiser, Steinberg, Audio Tecnica and many more. Creating good music and helping others create beautiful music is our goal.

Singer, Writer, Topline - Eric Secharia

Hello! My name is Eric Secharia, recording artist going by 'CIRE' born & raised in Los Angeles California. Ive been recording professionally for 8+ years now: signed to Interscope in 2010 & Capitol Records early 2013! Have been doing session work in LA even longer. My last two songs released in the past year have 47+Mill streams on spotify alone

Remote Mixing and Tracking - Chris Beno

Have a great song but it just doesn't sound clear? Need added production or want to add more character to a track? Need some guitar/bass, backup vocals added? Look no further.

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Music Producer/Beat Maker - K-CuttaTracks

Background Music: Showtime The Chi Season 2 Ep 9 K-CuttaTracks produces single for Artist Keila Grandz formally known as Dayzi Duce "Watching Da Move" Tune in! Scene: Papa is an activist in training! “We didn’t appreciate feeling like the poor kids. Chance the Rapper gave $1 million to Chicago Public Schools, so my question for you all is: Where t

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