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Photo of Martijn de Man

Custom music and sound design for visual media.

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Photo of studio guy rheaume

Le Studio Guy Rhéaume est à la fine pointe de la technologie numérique. Il conserve toutefois les avantages tant recherchés de la technologie analogique. 24 pistes Otari MK-2 / Dolby SR.Console MCI 400 / Burr-Brown. Le studio est équipé d'une grande variété de processeurs externes.

Photo of Nukage

"emotional & earthshaking bass music"

Photo of Pablo Trujillo

Pablo Trujillo is a Colombian musician, composer and producer. He collaborated with top-class artists such as Andrea Echeverri and participated in huge festivals like Rock al Parque 2017, Estéreo Picnic 2018 and SXSW 2019 (Austin, TX). He has published four self-produced studio albums, one EP, and wrote original music for several projects.

Photo of JoBot Drums

Remote session drummer using V-Drums and sampling software for a HUGE catalog of classic drums from the 50's all the way up to modern kits, combined with my versatility to give you a highly customize-able performance! Digital drum sounds also available as standalone kits, or to combine with classic acoustic kits for a unique modern sound!

Photo of Filipe Santos

I'm a singer-songwriter looking for jobs.

Photo of Aidan Lowe

I'm an Australian drummer living in Berlin, tracking drums at my own purpose-built private studio, Lumen Studio Berlin. I approach client's music from a producer's perspective - inventing parts and shaping the best drum sounds for your music through tuning, equipment selection, micing setups, and post processing / effects.

Photo of Paul Jouannet

Long time guitarist and music connoisseur. Been expanding into other instruments and production techniques. Absolute love for the craft, passion for creating, music is my wheelhouse! Ability to complement or innovate your sound, whichever direction is desired, I know I can pursue it.

Photo of Matthew Suter

I write songs, good songs. My writings purpose it to basically make people feel things, to create a vibe that is sacred and untouchable. I like to think i’m easy to work with, and I bring something unique.


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