Pianist / Producer / Engineer - Paul




Pianist / Producer / Engineer

My name is Paul Wierdak. I am a Pianist/Engineer/Producer Based out of Chicago and Nashville. I work at Wall to Wall Recording in Chicago when I am not touring as a pianist or Front of House Engineer. I have over 25 years of piano experience, and have 10 years of Professional Experience playing and touring with bands/ singers that have taken me to

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Music Producer - marcthisera


Music Producer

My specialty is Audio Production, and under this, I provide an array of services including, but not limited to; audio/voice recording, audio tracking, audio mixing & mastering, audio editing, audio repair, and original soundtrack production for TV/Film/Radio/Presentations/Artists.


Online Mixing & Mastering - Rosenblatt

St Petersburg

Online Mixing & Mastering

Billy's Band, Scang, VSEMOJNO, Otrix, Walkie, Qianti, Psycho Party! and many other artists. Let's find your own sound that will make you're a star!

Music Producer - CRÚDE


Music Producer

We are a couple dudes in New Zealand producing tracks for our project CRÚDE. We are now branching out to other artists to produce tracks and create connections with artists throughout the world. Come work with us and make a hit!


Live Drum Kit / Percussion - Greg




Live Drum Kit / Percussion

High-quality, versatile drum and percussion sessions that will lift your project to the next level.

Professional Bass/Synth Bass - Jamahl




Professional Bass/Synth Bass

High Quality, Professional, bass and synth bass recordings for your tracks.


Female Voice Over - Kathleen


Female Voice Over

I am Kathleen and I provide voice over both in English and Tagalog (Filipino), with the latter as my native language.

Rap/ Pop/ RnB/ Trap - RandiVision

Los Angeles

Rap/ Pop/ RnB/ Trap

Are you looking for that it Factor? I'm a talented songwriter/ performer from Los Angeles, Ca. I have an unlimited amount of creativity with a variety of styles. I believe that with my talents combined with the idea you pitch me we can create something classic.

Music Producer/SessionKeyboard - RYU


Music Producer/SessionKeyboard

Certified Multi-Platinum Executive Producer & 1x Gold certification as Session Keyboardist

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