Mixer / Producer / Bass Player - Bruce

Buenos Aires

Mixer / Producer / Bass Player

Mixer engineer and producer. Bass player with more than 10 years of experience. I want to help the artist achieve their goals and reach his expectations.

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null - Nicholas

North Hollywood

I'm an all around audio engineer adept at mic placement, editing, mixing, production, sound design and songwriting. My range of experience is from polishing turds to high profile world class musicians.


Production Engineer - Progue

Kuala Lumpur

Production Engineer

Progue is a Music Composer and a Dj Over 10 years. Progue has made several Tracks and performed at several places in Bangalore like - Pebbels,Hint,White Tiger, zero G etc.


Mixing engineer - Brad


Mixing engineer

Online mix engineer, send tracks from anywhere in the world. I don’t work primarily with templates, I work to the song. Recently had the privilege of mixing a re-recording of The Beatles medley tracks from Abbey Road! Recorded with as much original equipment used back in the day!

Mix / Master / Production - Bosterloop


Mix / Master / Production

We have been working on many projects, some of it gone to the top 100 in electronic music digital download stores. We work with bands, and many different genres. Our mission and the reason why we were born, is to work the homemade recordings and prepare them for the final listener. You'll surprised what you can take out from your homemade records


Session Vocalist, Top liner - Christie

Los Angeles

Session Vocalist, Top liner

Singer, songwriter, and top line writer specializing in EDM, pop and rock styles.


Profession Singer - Gayatree


Profession Singer

Gayatree Gaikwad-Gulhane is one of the finest and recognized artist of “Patiyala Gharana” and “Kirana Gharana”. She regularly performs Khyaal, Ghazal, Dadra, Thumri, and Abhang. GayatreeG www.GayatreeG.com


Record and Arrange Horns - Eric

Los Angeles

Record and Arrange Horns

I've been a session musician all over the west coast for almost ten years, recording and arranging horn parts for Soul, Funk, Reggae, Jazz, Hip Hop groups. I've recorded Saxophone, Flute, and Clarinet, created improvised solos, as well as arranged parts for woodwind and brass sections. I've worked specifically with Daptone recording artists.

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