Dubstep Live drum tracks

Pro session drummers in every genre and tone to lay down live drum tracks on your songs

See Description please!  - TWhiteDeath


See Description please!

I mix and master for an amazing rock band and they really love my job! I also mix & master my own tracks which are now featured on YouTube Channels (did ghost production)! I also have a diploma in guitar and drums, and won several national competitions!


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Recording & Mixing.  - Mix


Recording & Mixing.

Joseph Byrley, been in the music industry since I was a young lad. 10+ years behind analog and digital boards.


Post-Production & Mixing - B


Post-Production & Mixing

A Master's in Sound and full studio capabilities from the comfort of a second bedroom

Bass Player /Arrangements - David


Bass Player /Arrangements

I'm a session musician, do arrangements, I'm a producer with resources needed to become a song in a professional one. I studied modern harmony and orchestration. I can read and write music for most of the instruments.


Piano, Keys, Synths & Midi - AK




Piano, Keys, Synths & Midi

I'm Aron, a keys player and producer from London. I can bring creative flair to your track whether it be simple piano or flashy solos, massive synths or sutble textures. I can also provide you MIDI parts for your productions so you can alter sounds and parts yourself.


Drum Tracks, Production, Mixes - Daniel


Drum Tracks, Production, Mixes

My name is Daniel Yacaman, I am a professional drummer with 13+ years of experience based in South Florida. I want to help you accomplish that sound and tone you are looking for your track.


NCStudios | Mixing & Mastering - Nicola

33100 Udine

NCStudios | Mixing & Mastering

"Improvise, Adapt, Overcome"


Music/Sound Production - Kuli




Music/Sound Production

Music Composition, Production and Sound Engineering. I composed produced and mixed music for over a decade . Quality over price. Send me your track and lets talk!

Producer/Bass player/Mixing - Julián

Buenos Aires

Producer/Bass player/Mixing

Music has been my entire life. I'm a multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer. I've participated in more than 5 albums, 10 singles and collaborations with several artists. I produce and play live-sets exploring techno, ambient sounds and atmospheres. In the last 7 years I've played over 200 gigs with different projects

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