Beatboxer, musica electronica - ULTRA


Beatboxer, musica electronica

Argentina, residente en barcelona. Puedo llevar el ritmo a cualquier estilo musical, tan solo con mi boca. Produzco musica electronica. Argentina, resident in Barcelona I can bring the rhythm to any musical style, just with my mouth I produce electronic music.

Session Cellist & Composer - Violeta



Buenos Aires

Session Cellist & Composer

From classical to contemporary music to popular tango music to experimental, my experience is global in scope! My career has included touring Europe, Latin America and USA with various ensembles and solo set. I work as a session cellist and performer/composer in many art forms, including classical music, tango, rock, pop, noise, music for films.

Versatile Session Singer  - Natalia

Buenos Aires

Versatile Session Singer

Hola! I'm Natalia Welbey, a professional singer with more than 18 years of experience in the music industry. I've worked with Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas, Dancing Mood, Lito Vitale, and other cool artists from my country. I'm all about vocals and creativity. No Limitations! My motto: Rhythm is the key.

Musico, Técnico en grabación- - Ariel

Buenos Aires

Musico, Técnico en grabación-

Productor, cantante, pianista, bajista, guitarrista, compositor, 25 años de experiencia, con amplios conocimientos musicales. Técnico de grabación de sonido. Operador de protocolo.

Mastering on line - El



Buenos Aires

Mastering on line

En EL ÁNGEL ESTUDIO ofrecemos servicios de masterización online, de gran calidad y resultado competitivo a nivel mundial, con plazos cortos de entrega a través de herramientas en línea. At EL ÁNGEL ESTUDIO we offer online mastering services, high quality and competitive results worldwide, with short delivery times through online tools

Session Musician and producer - Jeronimo



Buenos Aires

Session Musician and producer

Hi! I'm Jerónimo, a profesional musician from Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a singer, guitarist, composer and producer, I am a trained musician with 16+ years of experience making music in genres such as Rock, Funk, Jazz, Pop, and Latin American Folk. I look forward participate in your music. Let's work together.

Guitarist Producer Audio Mixer - Hugo


Guitarist Producer Audio Mixer

Musician, Producer and Mixing Engineer based in Miami, Florida. Since 2005 working in the music industry. Lot of experience working in Studios both in the US and Argentina, and with clients from all over the world. 20 years of experience tracking guitars for artists, producing songs for singer-songwriters and mixing professional tracks!

Compose, Produce, Mix, Master. - FMC

Vicente López

Compose, Produce, Mix, Master.

I'm a producer/composer/mix&master engineer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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