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Urban Sound & HipHop Wizards.

Mixing (so creative!), mastering, post-production with a positive and collaborative behavior, we create magic tricks on a proud, professional sound in both mix and master. We believe the key to reach the top result from your music is collaborate on its shape with you, step by step, without stress. -:) Almost- unlimited revisions until perfection!

Producer, Mixer, Songwriter - Enrico




Producer, Mixer, Songwriter

Italian music producer and sound engineer based in Berlin. I take the production from start (recording, session musician, production) to the end (mixing, mastering). I've published and produced for Sony, Universal, Warner and many independent labels. I create audio plugins with Denise Audio (www.denise.io).

producers, mixing & mastering - riohtzofficial


producers, mixing & mastering

RIOHTZ is an italian group composed by two young DJs and producers. The project started in 2015 when Edoardo and Federico decided to start producing tracks; since that moment they released many songs both in free and on labels.

Urban Sound Creative Mixing - Marco




Urban Sound Creative Mixing

I offer collaboration, not just "hiring". This view makes amazing results. Professional, creative and modern-style mixing, always keeping listener's attention alive with special tricks.

Trumpeter, multi-instrumental - Sergey




Trumpeter, multi-instrumental

I'm a professional musician and composer in the Moscow (Russia) area. I've written/sang/played songs for some pop / rock / dance to Russian, European and American artists. Also I've a possibility to work in top-class recording studio with professional mixing-engineer, so I hope I can make your song the way you dreaming.

Producer, Remixer, Beatmaker - Lynx


Producer, Remixer, Beatmaker

Award nominated music producer from Denmark. Worked with Haddaway, D-A-D, Kongsted, Faustix, Tim White, Jeremy Carr, Lachi, GC (Gate Citizens) ect. EDM/POP/REGGAETON/HIPHOP and more!

Music Producer & Engineer - Michael




Music Producer & Engineer

I am a producer from California, with 8 years of experience in music and audio production, editing, mixing, and mastering. Let me help you take your project to the next level, without breaking the bank!

Bass, Engineer, Mixer,Producer - Ray


Bass, Engineer, Mixer,Producer

I play the cello, bass, & piano and have performed internationally with Leonard Bernstein, Michael Tilson-Thomas, LSO, SF Symphony orchestra, & many others. I cross the boundaries of classical, jazz, rock, hip-hop, and beyond.

Producer, Songwriter, Engineer - Dunkishrock

New York

Producer, Songwriter, Engineer

Duncan Daniels is well known for his music versatility and his ability to masterfully understand a vast variety of music genre's. Duncan Daniels studied Music Production & Engineering. As a musician and songwriter, Duncan Daniels understands his client's needs and has a natural talent for getting the job done.

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