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These curated pro keyboardists and session synth players will lay down tracks in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Piano, Keyboards, Produce, Mix - Nicholas


Piano, Keyboards, Produce, Mix

Piano and Keyboard Player for Mayra Andrade, Etienne Mbappé, Paco Sery, Dam'nco, Nina Attal, Ann Shirley and many others.

Synth, Key, Guitar & Producer - Rico

São Paulo

Synth, Key, Guitar & Producer

Hi! I am a Music Producer and Musician. I can record Synth, Keys, piano, Cavaquinho, Guitar or Produce/Mix/Master your track. I have 12 years of experience in music.

Music Producer,Keyboard player - Mika

Los Angeles

Music Producer,Keyboard player

Multi instrumentalist, producer and composer, my main instrument is Keyboard and piano but I dedicate myself to sound design, digital edition, electronic percussion and Acoustic Guitar since 1991 when I got into the recording business. I am co-producer of Sergio Mendes' albums since 2008 with whom I have nominations for Oscar and Grammy.

Keys Composer Arranger  - Dudu

State of Rio de Janeiro

Keys Composer Arranger

Pianist, keyboard player, arranger and composer with many years on the road and in the studios. Lover of technology as well as classic paths. I am currently acting as Keyboardist and Arranger on the TV shows "The Voice" and "The Four Brasil". My commitment is to put my experience in your music.

Oriental synths/Piano/Composer - Sharon

Tel Aviv

Oriental synths/Piano/Composer

Looking for a middle-eastren flavor in your track? A crazy synthysizer solo that makes that "wow" effect, or some soft melodies and pads for the finishing touches? This is what I wake up for :) Contact me.


Synthesizer, game music - Weni


Synthesizer, game music

Offering the most unique music taste for your project.


Session Keyboardist  - Alain


Session Keyboardist

I responsibilities comprised a wide array of activities, as I was tasked with managing and coordinating the entire production for professional entertainers and performers. These included but not limited to:  Conducting and directing the musical band;  Coordinating and facilitating the production of live concerts;  Managing of music


music producer - Chetan

Jersey City

music producer

Chetan Davdra (AKA Chetz)  Originally from London, Chetz is an ensemble keyboard player, composer and producer!


Music Composer - Sreedhar


Music Composer

I come gifted with music, passionate to always create and explore new musical possibilities. My style of composing is varied and often look forward to creating wonderful melodies that drive hearts away. Here are two of my demo instrumental songs.


Keys / Guitar / Bass / Flute - Mauricio

São Paulo

Keys / Guitar / Bass / Flute

My band is Bixiga 70 and I've been playing Keys, Guitar, Bass or Flute in concerts and records that cover almost the entire spectrum of cool Brazilian music, from Hip-Hop (Emicida, Edgar), to Jazz (João Donato, Marcos Valle), MPB (Gal Costa, Mateus Aleluia), Pop-Rock (Nando Reis, Paulo Miklos) and Soul (Liniker), and producing tracks and albums.

Musician / Composer - Lisandro

Buenos Aires

Musician / Composer

INCAA TV / Secretary of Culture of the Argentine Nation / National University of the Arts / TV Pública Argentina.


Music Producer, and Keys - Justin

San José del Cabo

Music Producer, and Keys

The most important thing is Hook and the Caricter and personality of The song and the writer. The atmosphere and the Groove. Choose to Work with me and we will explore a new sound and find the sol of the song for the people of Earth and beyond.


Multi-Genre Producer - Hilaire


Multi-Genre Producer

D.C. based Producer, Songwriter specializing in World/Afrobeat, Pop, R&B, and CCM.

Mix, Master, Programming - 7thResonance


Mix, Master, Programming

Only Pay if you are satisfied with the mix. Breath some life into your tracks with some good old dynamic range. Multiple masters to cater to your distribution needs. Hit me up!


French lyrics, flutes & saxes - Ariel

Byron Bay NSW 2481

French lyrics, flutes & saxes

Over 3 decades, Ariel Kalma published vinyl LP's, cassettes, and CD's. His compositions have been used for modern dance-theatre, films, musical poetry, guided meditations, transformational groups. Ariel Kalma has also played on many albums in France - even throughout Europe, the US and recently Australia.

Musico productor, Pacifico CO. - D-Lemos


Musico productor, Pacifico CO.

Licenciado en Musica


Bass, Piano, Synth and Produce - Gianluca

Buenos Aires

Bass, Piano, Synth and Produce

Gianluca Bonfanti Mele is a Brazilian Born, living in Argentina, Bass and Double Bass Player, which has been active in live and studio gigs for more than 15 years now. Found his way through music by discovering and investigating multiple Genres and Styles, as well as instruments (piano, guitar and others). For 8 years now, works at his home studio!

Oriental Flutes&Clarinet - Shoham


Oriental Flutes&Clarinet

I'm a woodwinds performing and recording artist, an expert for ethnic music from across the Middle East. I play traditional instruments such as the Arabic Nay Flute, Turkish Clarinet and Indian Bansuri, and i use the unique oriental playing style on the EWI (electronic wind instrument).

Music Producer, Musician - Felipe


Music Producer, Musician

I am a finalist in the Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer and Mastering Engineer categories of the 2019 "Professional Music Awards".

Accordion, mixing, producing - bjotos25


Accordion, mixing, producing

Master's degree in Bulgarian wedding music, but I can play whatever from classical to gospel, death metal and jazz. I also studied mixing with the sound technician of many releases by Aha, no4, Jarle Bernhoft and more.

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