Heavy Rock Keyboards - Synths

These curated pro keyboardists and session synth players will lay down tracks in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Keyboardist, singer, composer - Jim


Keyboardist, singer, composer

Rock/classical singer, composer and keyboardist; worked with Andy LaRocque (King Diamond), Christian "Kohle" Bonifer (Another Perfect Day), wrote more than 20 classical works and a lot of songs (rock/pop/ballades)

musician, composer, singer - Aaron

Nova Scotia

musician, composer, singer

I have written and recorded lot's of music in many genres, and have a good ear. I will do my best to give you something fantastic!


Piano | Keyboards - Damian


Piano | Keyboards

"Lush piano vibes" is the way a client recently described my sound. Anyone can plunk out a piano part, but it takes hands and experience like mine to craft a rich piano track that will elevate your song and move your listeners.

Session Musician - Anthony

San Jose

Session Musician

I'm a singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist who feels at home in a variety of genres ranging from heavy rock to folk to classical.


Audio Engineer  - Zach


Audio Engineer

I am a Digital Arts major at Stetson University and I am specializing in Audio Production and Recording and Computer Music. I also have experience playing the clarinet, writing drum tracks and beats and composition.

Audio Mixing, Audio Mastering - James


Audio Mixing, Audio Mastering

College student trying to make a name for himself. Adequate skills with low pay rate.


Music Producer - Hugo


Music Producer

Im a music producer specializated in Vocal Tuning.


Keyboards/Songwriter/Producer - Andrew



I'm a keyboardist,songwriter,composer,producer with over 25 yrs of professional experience. My music has been placed in over 1,200 episodes of TV and commercials as well as working with many bands and singers. If your looking for someone to give your track that full,thick,finished sound. I'm your guy.

Musician & Producer - Ricardo


Musician & Producer

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer. Creator of more than 30 soundtracks for theater.


Singer, traditional and opera - Kine-Lise


Singer, traditional and opera

Multi-instrumentalist and singer with a degree in sound engineering and composition, and an affinity for metal, folk and rock.

MusicProducer MixingMastering  - Jan


MusicProducer MixingMastering

I have recently worked with Nashville based producer Peter Collins (producer - Bon Jovi, Rush, Nancy Griffiths, Brian Setzer, etc.) on tracks for an upcoming release by Billboard dance artist Consuelo Costin. 7 albums for the Swedish progressive metal band StoneLake. 1 Album S.A.Y. 1 Album Jan Akesson´s Shadow Rain Cuts in Japan / Sweden / Europe

'Mix Engineer/ Composer - G.E.C.


'Mix Engineer/ Composer

Have you worked hard to make your music but can't get the sound right? Don't settle for an inferior mix. GEC Music will fix your mix! With 10 years experience, we are here to help you in every way possible, to make your musical journey a great one and make a high quality product that you and your fans can be proud of for years to come.

Producer/Engineer/Musician - Josh

United States


past work includes styles and work related to film soundtracks, horror effect overdubs in film and tracks, as well as mixing, engineering, recording, and producing every style of music in the dictionary.


Session Musician - Zachary


Session Musician

Very versatile session artist that excels in capturing your unique sound!


Music Engineer - George


Music Engineer

BA in Music Production/Sound Engineering Real Music Industry Experience World-class Collaborations

Producer, Composer,  - Kallie


Producer, Composer,

If it makes noise I'll put a mic in front of it. If it needs music I will write some for it. If you need a producer and your songs need disciplining.. I am your answer.

Vocal Dexterity & Prowess - M



Santa Monica

Vocal Dexterity & Prowess

I can recreate any sound with my voice. From creating a unique and memorable vocal top line, to impersonating any singer or actor, to recreating any animal, vegetable or mineral, I am your one stop vocal shop.

Mixing and Mastering engineer - Dmitry


Mixing and Mastering engineer

I will make your music sound radio-ready. Please, check out my website: http://re-sound.info

Session Guitarist, MIX &Master - Dom


Session Guitarist, MIX &Master

Guitarist, Producer, Mixing and Mastering engineer, Arranger, Full Song Instrumental production.

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