Mixing & Mastering Engineers who worked with Kelly Cardenas

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Photo of Sergio Diaz

Mixes done by Sergio have the unique characteristic of making you start dancing or head banging or whatever body expression you prefer and still retaining crystal clarity and definition

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Photo of Taíla Aschkar Valéo

Graduated at Phonographic Production in Brazil; Executive Production of the EP "Tripas Coração"; Events Production; Recorded Tatuí' s Conservatory Orchestra

Photo of Jonathan Rowe

I am a mix engineer who strives to deliver the sonics my clients hear in their heads. My experience includes working at various recording studios in southern California on projects ranging from rock, pop, R&B, hip-hop, to acoustic. I enjoy the creative use of effects and put special emphasis on creating unique soundscapes for my mixes.

Photo of Tyler Michael

Hey there! I'm a semi-professional producer, audio engineer, and session musician in the Seattle area. I would love to help bring your mixes up to commercial quality, work with you on composing and building arrangements, and maybe even drop in a guitar line or two!

Photo of Peer Stepien

Editing, Recording, Mixing, Live Sound (FOH and Monitor)

Photo of Bobbi Rae Music

Dallas, Texas, Meet Singer, Songwriter, & Musician Bobbi Rae!

Photo of Arkhitect

been an audio engineering and music producing since 2007. i went to Los Angeles Recording School back in 2007 & interned in 2008 at Capitol Records in Studio A in assistance with "American Idol" i have a recording studio in Hollywood, Ca where i reside also. check out my Instagram & Twitter: @arkhitectbeatz

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