Producer, Bassist, Arranger - Dominique

Los Angeles

Producer, Bassist, Arranger

Dominique brings the sauce you need for any song in any genre. Take your song to the next level, let's make some music!

songwriter, singer, producer - Nana


songwriter, singer, producer

Nana is a grammy nominated artist and songwriter from Ghana, West Africa now residing in Boston MA. He’s an unconventional pop writer who excels in crafting unique concepts and lyrics that translate across genres, cultures, and continents. Nana co-wrote Mr Probz’s latest release “Space For Two” and Beyonces “Water" and "Dont Jealous Me.”

Production/Keyboards/Synths - Andrew



I'm a producer/writer/artist who has worked with an array of artists from John Legend to Allie X. I've played piano/keyboards on many many records and take pride in being a musical chameleon.

Recording Studio - Shifted


Recording Studio

Brooklyn's newest creative oasis, reinvented for the modern artist.

Audio Engineer, Singer - Nick


Audio Engineer, Singer

I have been producing, singing, mixing and mastering for over 7 years, with a long list of credits and a passion for great music! My hip hop and edm productions have streamed over 1 million times on YouTube, and I have signed records (EDM/House) to Sirup Music, Strange Fruits, Panda Funk, Suitor and more. Here to help make things happen for you!

Trombone, Songwriting, Mixing - Kadesh

Kansas City

Trombone, Songwriting, Mixing

I'm a rapping, singing, beat-making trombonist. If you need a session trombonist, you've got one. I can also pull in other instrumentalists and record your horn needs remotely. I can also mix your projects, provide hooks (singing and rapping), and help you write your next single.

Producer / Mixing / Mastering - Tario

Los Angeles

Producer / Mixing / Mastering

Hello! I'm Tario a music producer, keyboardist, mixing and mastering engineer.

Mastering - Professional

New York


We are a boutique Mastering facility in NYC, housing 4 different Mastering Engineers with phenomenal credentials.

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