Mixing & Mastering Engineers who worked with James Cherry

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Photo of Kay Moorcroft

Kay is a Singer & Songwriter equipped with a bachelors degree in Popular Music and Music Technology. She has worked extensively in the music industry for 10 years both as a Live Musician and in the Recording Studio. She is passionate, dedicated and a true, down to earth professional.

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Photo of Colin Bennun

Hi, I'm a freelance mastering/mix engineer, producer and musician working out of my own studio in Bristol, UK. Making good music sound great is my passion and pleasure. • Professional, personal service from an engineer with over 25 years of technical audio and production/performing experience • Dance/club mastering a speciality


I make atmospheric smears and unorthodox beats.

Session guitarist - Paul Aitken. Guitar.

Locally grown, artisanal, hand-made, organic, renewable, craft stunt-guitar playing.

Music Production & Songwriting - John Samuel

Every session has the potential to be where a #1 record is made. That's my mentality. From years of audio engineering work to now in publishing, my drive is to create something that hasn't been created yet; the New. I specialize in melodies, lyrics, instruments, and production. Give me a try.

Photo of P&M Records

Sound Real System. We combine the best techniques from the past with the highlights of the new sound. We seek for the perfect balance - the perfect sound. We look for the special characteristic that will capture the audience and make our artists stand out from the rest. A slightly more spatial sound, a little more rare, and different.

Photo of Dave Damage

I'm a session violinist and improvisational expert specializing in topline melodies for multiple genres. I am available to add melodies, harmonies, and textures to house music, techno, EDM, trance, progressive house, electronica, reggaeton, country, hard rock, hip hop and much more. I also create string soundscapes, and record from home.

Superhero Rock Bassist - Lou Hannoe

Loud and with attitude! Top-shelf bass playing that adds something special to your song.

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