Music Producer,Mix/Master - Kezz


Music Producer,Mix/Master

I love making Hip Hop / Trap Beats with a unique chill a nostalgic vibe that reminds of the good old days but also something more agressive and different... i like to experiment with alot of things and i get inspired by most of the music genere even tho i love hip hop more! I work and collab with alot of great artists. Localy/globaly

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Songwriter, Producer, Pianist - Davy

Los Angeles

Songwriter, Producer, Pianist

Worked with everyone from Babyface to Daya. Also, ask me about my vintage synth collection.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Bia


Mixing and Mastering Engineer

I am a professional Mixing and Mastering engineer that offers high quality music.


Producer/Engineer/Mixer - Sean



Protege of top movie/tv composer Jack Trammell, multi-instrumentalist and award winning song writer, producer and performer. Owner of one of the top studios in Northern California. Clients include top Sacramento area artists such as Hobo Johnson (Reprise/Warner Bros), Shane Q (The Voice season 17 top 10) and Vista Kicks (indie/rock).

Music Producer/Songwriter - Mario


Music Producer/Songwriter

Skilled EDM music producer/songwriter who has worked with major Labels ( Sony Music, Warner Music, Bliss Co ...). I produce music since 2004. My works are creative, detailed, exciting and the most important thing " sewn on the artist ". In addition, i delver each tracks with mix and mastering included.

Singer, Topliner - Starless

Los Angeles

Singer, Topliner

My name's Brianna, I'm an electronic pop singer/songwriter located in LA, would love to collaborate on your track or a 'Starless' track or both:) Always looking for new people to work with. If you like my voice/sound, let me know!


Music Producer & Rapper - Lomas.Sebastian


Music Producer & Rapper

IG: lomas.Sebastian Headphones are my portal to my music creation. Music are my drugs that bring me to another dimension. Never use a template cause don’t want to fall in monotony and try to make every Melody differently. Never seek other beats for inspiration I just plug in and let me suck in by what ever sensation I have at moment.


Songwriter-compose and perform - Easy


Songwriter-compose and perform

Innovator in music technology and electronic musicianship. Practice hybrid arranging, composition, recording, editing, sound manipulation techniques, and live interactive performance systems. Love exploring the art and science of musical innovation and case studies of transformative music innovators.


Remote Mixing and Mastering - Dave


Remote Mixing and Mastering

If you like heavy-on-the-analogue yet unique sounds, then I'm the engineer for you!

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