HipHopProducerExpertSeducer - JazMendoza



Been producing HipHop since before Jaden Smith was Karate Kid. Will provide you will the illest Hip Hop Trap with a twist of jazz to flow with a dope vibe. Custom Beats in 24 hours! Warning, beats made from the heart.

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Producing, Engineering, Drums - Backyard

North Hollywood

Producing, Engineering, Drums

My name is Jason Austan I am Producer, Drummer, Songwriter, Arranger & Audio Recording - Editing - Mixing - Mastering Engineer. I have the experience and ability to take what ever music you have and be able to polish it some thing beautiful and make it sound better than you can ever imagine.

Mixing, producing & mastering - Dogcreek


Mixing, producing & mastering

Dogcreek Digital Audio - Recording Audio - Mastering Excellence

music and beat producer  - jackery


music and beat producer

Hi, my name is Jackery. I'm a self taught music producer and beatmaker from Portland, Oregon. I create smooth beats inspired by the likes of Tyler, The Creator, Kanye West, and Brockhampton. My sound can be heard here


Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Derek


Mixing & Mastering Engineer

I have worked with everyone from Allen Stone, Color Me Badd, Stacie Orrico, Byron "Mr. Talkbox" Chambers (Bruno Mars "24k Magic"), Jeremy Rosado (American Idol), Je'kob, Brandon Bee, Xola Malik aka Kidd Sensation (Nastymix Records), and more. I am a mixing and mastering engineer and I've been the executive producer for dozens of projects.


mixing and mastering engineer, - Mixing/Mastering

Canyon Lake

mixing and mastering engineer,

My name is Cole Holden. I'm a mixing and mastering engineer looking for new opportunities to explore, and clients to help and work with. I know how expensive projects can get, so I'm willing work with you with rates and pricing. My strengths are in heavier rock and metal, but I have worked in easier listening genres as well.


Mixing, Recording & Producing  - Callum

Los Angeles

Mixing, Recording & Producing

Established Engineer with 15 years experience most known for Recording & Mixing Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett's "Lotta Sea Lice" Album. Callum cut his teeth in Melbourne Australia and is now based out of Los Angeles offering proven quality Mixing and Recording. Focusing on: Indie-pop, Indie-rock, Indie-Folk.

Mix Engineer, producer, guitar - Colin


Mix Engineer, producer, guitar

Hello, I am a mix engineer, guitar player, and producer. I graduated from Vanier College in audio engineering and am a proud member of David Glenn's mix academy. Because I am a young guy coming up and not an established veteran mixer, my rates are MUCH more affordable.


Mixing,  Mastering Engineer - Rev


Mixing, Mastering Engineer

I am one of the top hip hop mixing engineers in Memphis and have worked with almost everyone in town. my rates are reasonable and I will try to do what it takes to bring your project to the next level

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