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Photo of Aleksey Fedorov

I use my experience to feel all the nuances in the customer's track. I like to catch the mood and groove of the track. It is for this reason that I always ask the customer to give me his demo and reference track at the beginning, as I have to understand what to work with and whether there are points that need to be talked about before I start doing

Photo of TC360 Premier Recording Studio

First step to making your LA music dreams a reality, Book today!

Photo of Fly Ty from Rockboy G'z

Recordings with M.o.P, Killer Mike , Canibus, Boot Camp Click, music for movie Righteous kill ( Al Pacino , Robert Denero ) , TV show Breaking Bad. Partners with the over 30bmillion records sold producer D/R Period

Photo of Alex Pena

I Can Make Any Type Of Beat Or Write Lyrics For Any Type Of Song/Artist/Genre. Anything You Need I Can Do it.

Photo of Santiago Vini Garcia

I am a music producer with more than 10 years of experience in production, composition arrangements and recording specialized in urban genres such as Hip Hop Rap, Reggaeton, Trap and electronic music.

Photo of Jsph Lior

My name is Jsph Lior, I am a producer,songwriter,engineer, and artist! Basically your one stop shop ! I’ve worked with numerous of artist from Phoenix AZ, Los Angeles, to even Africa & the UK. For all of your music needs, I got you covered !

Photo of A'Yo! Cino™

Need quality music production for your upcoming project? Lease your tracks from Cino today! Get exclusive, top tier, low rate beats and instrumentals so you can invest more in getting your music heard!

Photo of Alex Tillman

Longtime hip-hop and rock producer. Assistant Engineer under a Grammy Winning Mixer. Easy going and understanding. I have a passion for music and just want to help others with my skills.

Photo of Ruler Why

90s-era Hip Hop Producer with credits ranging from Killah Priest to Jedi Mind Tricks

Photo of EBON BLAK

I am a rapper, songwriter, and a music producer I am affiliate with BMI if you want to make a song please let me know I only work with people that have PRO

Photo of Ghoxt Music

Music producer that works in all genres. Access to two studios for remote/in studio recording, mixing, and mastering.

Photo of Bor Pro

Architect, Sound Designer, Producer and Arranger Hiphop/Electronic/Turkish Psychedelic

Photo of Alex Lance

Hello musician, You probably looking for a great sound engineering, and you are in the right place. Avoiding mixing mistakes, complement instruments and vocal, make it sound great in Solo and Mono. And of course awesome beat creation - with a unique style - I can showcase my works to you. You would have it all. Make it real - drop me a line!

Photo of Alec S.

Here to help for cheap. Anything to do with music I can help with.

Photo of Chris the Producer

Special One

Photo of Rapperkid

When I was rapping a song by NF i sang it pretty fast, so I went to 1.25 speedand sang just as fast maybe faster than that. I can also sing pretty well, I won a prize for schools best singer twice.

Photo of Yovela Mori

20 years of songwriting and music theory combined with 10 years of studying engineering.

Photo of Crazister

10 years of experience in the field of beatmaking and sound engineering

Photo of Dirty 30 Productions

Three years ago I left a troubled life in pursuit of following my dream to create music. I started making beats where it lead to the funding of owning my own recording studio.

Photo of Josh Staxx

High Quality recording, mixing, and production. I am willing to take whatever steps to make sure that you are 110% satisfied with your music and ready to showcase it to the world!

Photo of drewtyrell

Expanding on YOUR vision, to create a listening experience tailored to YOUR preferences!

Photo of LillyAlex

Would love to produce and mix tracks for people. Currently studying music production.

Photo of TripleXL

I produced, mixed, mastered, distributed and performed 2 of my own EP’s within 6 months.

Photo of Clique Tracks

Let us build around your vocals or work with us to create from scratch.

Photo of DevroDidDat

I’ve been working on different audio and music extensively over the past couple of years. After becoming a certified audio engineer, I’ve been recording, mixing music, and making beats for local artists and now I’d like to expand my horizons. I am well versed in the technical side of music and love adding to the creativity of the music process.

Photo of theBrothers Music Studio

We mostly work on modern-day hip hop and trap music. However, country and classical music is always our inspiration, giving a new taste of music style hip-hop and trap music.

Photo of Robystudios

Ableton Live 10 based mixing engineer / producer. I have mixed for Mick Jenkins, Planet Giza, Fouki, and many more.

Photo of Yash Vyas

A poet can be a songwriter. But a songwriter can't be a poet.

Photo of BeatzDrop

I am a creative person who loves making beats on the MPC. That's the most important thing I love.

Photo of LEF Field

Hi I'm Chuck. I've been producing music for the last 15 years for other local artists and myself, mainly hip hop/rap r&b some rock and pop music. I have experience in making beats, writing lyrics,recording and engineering audio for music and podcasts,

Photo of Skev Beats

Trap, Hip-Hop, R&B, and EDM Producer

Photo of Sharp360 Productions

High quality professional audio services.

Photo of sadeipa

if you’re buying one of my beats, it’s probably the best choice you’ve ever made.

Photo of Cellar

Cellar Studios is a new, state of the art, recording, mixing & mastering house based in the UK. The team behind the studio each have over 15 years experience in various areas of the industry, from recording, mixing & mastering, in just about every genre imaginable from Hip-Hop, to Classical & Opera, to producing & recording scores for Film & TV

Photo of RaspBeatz

Experience: 7+ years Beatmaking, Production, Audio Engineering, Mixing / 3+ years Vocal Recording, Comping, Engineering, Mixing / 15+ year Guitarist


Ex-YETI PACK, VISNS, got kicked off stage @ The Marquee

Photo of OSIPSEA prod.

I have more than 10 years of experience in writing and mixing

Photo of Basta Hitz

Always willing to think a long with the artist to make an existing project get to a higher level

Photo of DLXD

Mix, Master and Producing.

Photo of Seki-Tagz

"I lift every voice when I sing. My ability, make yours look like an exercise in futility"

Photo of The Purcell Project

Alex, under the moniker 'The Purcell Project' is a dynamic beat-maker from the city of Drake, known as Toronto. Alex Purcell is your next go-to Music Producer for giving you a polished, modern sound for hip-hop and EDM. Be current, and be yourself, or go home. Let's make music you can be proud to spin for your crew.


I can make Lo-Fi House, Hip-hop, Trap, and I can also mix and master your tracks. Ive worked with underground hip hop artist such as MAASSAI, SIDEWALKKAL Ur Maa, Ade Hakim, and JayCinema.

Photo of BJmixs

I'm a mixing engineer who is ready to work with talented artist who needs their song or album mixed.

Photo of Lor Derrick

Got a track that’s not sounding how you like? 808’s not booming enough? Need an artist to sing/rap the hook you wrote? Having problems writing that next hit? Contact me ASAP

Photo of oftn

Looking for beats and engineering at great value? Look no further, my expertise in production and engineering will provide you with industry standard results at a fraction of the cost. Whether you need a beat made or a mix & master delivered to you in less than 24 hours, my goal is to help you achieve yours.

Photo of Gandhaar

I make music based on the emotion behind a track. Since I rap and produce, I have a keen sense in understanding the views of both the artist and the producer and that usually comes handy to bridge and translate the thoughts to music.

Photo of Landos

Music producer with his own unique sound.

Photo of Sincerely Collins

Rapper/Singer-Songwriter/Top-Liner/Producer & Recording Artist I will Record a HQ rap or sung feature for any genre. Ghostwrite lyrics, melody and Top-lines. Ghostwrite Raps. I write for all genres. My rap voice is comparable to kid cudi. My singing voice is comparable to Post or Drake depending. Hit that green button and lets make magic!

Photo of Tommy Gunz


Multi-Genre Rapper-Singer-Songwriter. As I've done for many others, I can write & record a dope verse, hook or full song for your track TODAY! Need ghost writing? I got you!

Photo of Professional Audio Tech


Credit highlights – [Disney, BBC, Coronita, Tous, Seat...] My goal is to take your projects to another level. Industry standard quality is my seal, and i won't stop till you are shocked with the results.

Photo of N8oR

Quick and reliable audio mixing for the budget conscious. Working from my personal studio keeps overheads extremely low with a quick turnaround. Worked with: The Jungle Brothers and Room 22 - No Money (single). The Creptter Children - Possessed (album) and Asleep With your Devil (Ep)

Photo of Edoardo Giovanelli

Hi, I'm a bass player active since 2000

Photo of Cookbeat

34-years-old female Hip Hop producer/Dj, quote writer, content writer, songwriter. 10 years experience... Working with M-Audio Axiom 25 and Mixtrack Pro in FL Studio 20 and Virtual Dj Pro ... Former "BPBC" member. Was on a Composer Agreement with LA`s "Smash Haus Music Group". Now independent/offering mixing/mastering services too.

Photo of Electret Records

We are a production team dedicated to provide high quality custom instrumentals, web and radio ready productions for the modern recording artists, songwriters, producers, broadcasters and brands. Whether you are looking for a Chart Breaking Quality Instrumental, Remixing or Audio Production Services, we have you covered.

Photo of J Bosco Production LLC

A one-stop shop for all of your music needs where you as an artists can paint your lyrics on a canvas filled music product produced by J Bosco.

Photo of Rasta X Music

Welcome to "Rasta X Mixing and Mastering"

Photo of Justchill production

We are producers and audio engineers Vladimir and Igor. We are working on our recording studio in the capital of Ukraine (Kiev) Extensive experience in creating instrumentals hip-hop/rap/trap/r&b styles We make quality mastering your tracks in a short line with the best quality.

Photo of Eugen Koop

I'm a Detmold/Germany based mix engineer and music producer. I work at MZD Studio in Detmold as sen. engineer.

Photo of Kamron Krieger

Kamron Krieger is a Recording and Mixing Engineer who's worked with tons of platinum and billboard charting artists.

Photo of Brian B-LUV Thomas

I have been a professional recording/ mixing engineer in New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles for the last 20 years. A 2 time Grammy winner. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the most talented Musicians/ Artists in the world, with a typical days in the office including Katy Perry, Beyonce, Rihanna, Usher, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, All 4 One



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