Hip Hop Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Songwriter - Oliver Bennett

Hello! I am a rap, R&B, and pop songwriter. I’ve been writing ever since I was 8 years old, and have since won two state writing competitions. My songs are tailored to fit your voice and beat.

Industry quality music - Esoestudios

We bring industry quality to independent artists at an unbeatable price.

Music Producer/Session DJ - pezyoo (dj pez)

My goal is to take you from voice memos to full blown tracks with amazing production. I'm a producer out of Florida here to help you find your sound. You need someone who can give you honest feedback, curate a sound matching your style, and deliver quality production to fit you personally. Hopefully I'm that producer for you.

Write music and record music - Jerry the jeweler

I’ve had the chance of working with Grammy nominated producer filthy Rockwell from Detroit and also Street lord juan ...also had a chance to share a studio with big Sean dusty mcfly team east side gt and many other artist learning from them and acquiring different skills with music

Singer/Rapper/Lyricist - Frank Nitty


I've performed in numerous showcases and events along the East Coast. I wrote my first rap lyric when I was 9 years old and haven't dropped the pen since. Gospel trained, I can sing anything from R&B, and soul to trap and hip hop.

Mix Engineering - Jonah Larsen

I love music, and there's nothing that brings me more joy than bringing the best out of a song through top-notch mix engineering.

Production, Mixing & Mastering - Cesar G

I am a record producer, engineer, sound designer based in New York City. Over 15 years experience, worked with major artists including Shaggy, Fred Da Godson, and illwayno.

Mixing & Mastering - Faded Goat

I’ve been a Mixing & Mastering Engineer for 3 years with mainly local artists recording in my music studio. *Vocal Tuning *Vocal mixing to perfection *Mastering loud or lower for more quality *I will work with you for the sound that you want! P.s. I’m new to SoundBetter!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Ash

analog mixing mastering specialist , and very satisfied work with 10 year experience

Mix/Master engineer, Producer - HOF7AUDIO

// www.hof7audio.de

Rap Lyric Writer, Good Flows - TypeRight

I enjoy rapping in my free time as well as writing bars... Im looking for an artist in need of a ghostwrite!! I write a lot so I always have meaningful bars on me!

Music Producer / Mixing - RobDaFlava

A good friend said about me "Always goin out, lookin for that black gold and chopping up samples to rob `em flavas and create something own and unique out of it – that’s his daily business! A master of sound engineering and producing coming with a raw and bombastic style to blow up the spot!"

"Drake" Type Mixing Engineer - Joshua McNeal

I will mix, pitch correct, and master your Drake type songs

Beatmaker / Music Producer - Love Heart Beats

My name is Stephen Wilson and I make unique hip hop beats. If you're looking for something a bit different but still great for rapping and/or singing to, then hit me up and I can help you out.

vocalist, lyricist, rapper - Kairo

Hey, I'm Kairo, I am a female rapper/ Singer/ Songwriter. I'd love to work with you. Check me out! https://open.spotify.com/artist/7lpmNu3iwyQv8fmDL0hP75?si=bnvGCaA6R6u0tqgrz_VhXQ

Mixing, arranging, making hits - Mixedbymarks

Feel free to contact me for a personalized quote and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.

Vocals, Lyrics & Mixing - JPK

Able to sing/rap, mix vocals, write lyrics, and/or create graphic work for a song or project (Cover art, motion cover, music video editing, etc.)

Producer, Recording, Mixing - Jolouis9

I'll give you your own distintive commercial sound! And help you make money from your music. Book a free 15 mins consultation.

Music Producer - Feinallday

💯 Buy 3 Beats Gets 1 Free 💰 Mixing and Mastering 🇦🇺 DM For Free Beat 🧪 Custom Beats Available 👇Link Below for Everything traktrain.com/a/feinallday

Mixing & Mastering - Mata Hari Music

Hi i'm K'ji, owner of Mata Hari Music. I work as an Audio Engineer and focused on Mixing and Mastering. My Genres are Hip Hop, Pop, Sing & Songwriting, Funk, Soul, RnB.

Songwriter/Topliner/Ghostpen - Cole Midkiff

A swiss-army-knife of a songwriter with over 30+ million Spotify streams alone for artists I've worked alongside. I'll write you a love song, pen you a trap record, and create you a pop anthem all in the same day. Let's get to it!

Industry Mix & Mastering - TheMixinMaster

My main focus is giving the people affordable engineering at an above industry standard level. I put my heart and soul into every since project as if it were my own. I’m still building a brand and credibility so I will be extra attentive and helpful during the entire process making sure all needs and priorities are met. Quality and Quickness!

Producer/ Beat Maker - BigBoomBeats

Original beats, remakes, vocal mixing,

Music Producer, Remote Mixing - Sactown Beatz

Developed through numerous methods, with over 10 years of experience able to execute professional expertise at price ranges to suit a wide range of budgets.

Producer/Mixing/Mastering - Dope Music South Studio's

With over 15 years in the music industry I can complete your projects in a timely manner to professional standard. I have produced/recorded/engineered artists such as (2020 FreshmanXXL Nomiee) Squidnice, BobbyNice, and Slice Throat.

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Blokh

If you want to sound your absolute best, look no further! I've produced and engineered for Flo Rida and singer Ashanti to name a few. I am a receptive, diligent professional with fourteen years of music industry experience. I'm committed to delivering you the tightest mix and most compelling productions and am well-versed in every genre.

Music Production/Mixing - Wolfgang Productions

Making the world better one track at a time! I make beats for trap and hip-hop artists.

Audio Engineer - Bashar Alhelo

Throughout my career, I am thankful to have worked with national and internationally successful artists such as City The Great ,

Music Producer , Composer - Elmin Tahmaz

I am Master Degree musician. Experience 10 years. I have a lot of famous project at social sites. Only say me what you want I am ready for help you.

Rapper i also write  - Bop Bonafied

i have completed many projects with many different artist i also accomplished a technique to always come up with a unique record that will stand out. very creative talented blessed to have skills. i hear the music and then i can start writing on the spot.

Custom Music Production - David Tilson

Let me produce something unique for you!

Recording, mixing, mastering,  - Phoenix Rogers

My name is Phoenix and I love being in the studio. I specialise in Hip hop and electronic music, recording, mixing and mastering. I will dedicate my time to finding that right sound and achieving the artists vision together.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Reneé

let's create something that's going to help somebody.

Remote mixing/mastering, Bass - Ricardo Garcia

Been doing live sound for over 8 years, and went to school in Hollywood for mix and mastering engineering. I also play bass, and can track remotely and send you ideas for your tracks!

new songs - jokiller

lots of potential

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Hustle House

Do you want your hard work to pay off after hours of recording and making sure its perfect? Well don't forget the post production of course! Don't know how? Well have no worries! The Hustle House has you covered!

Mix and master hip-hop and R&B - BLK MKT Studio

Let me mix and master your next hip hop or R&B song.

Platinum Music Producer - Mev The Renegade

Produced songs for: Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Pusha-T, French Montana, DJ Khaled, ETC.

Producer and Engineer - MoreNight

Worked with artists like: Manga saint Hilare, Scrufizzer, Kolidescopes, Alex Adair Produced Sync work for: Nike, Adidas, Boiler Room Released material with: Atlantic Records, Shall Not Fade, Kiwi Rekords, TrapDoor


Beatmaker in Cancún, México

Engineer - Scooter Jr.

Been pushin' buttons makin' people sound good for about 5 Years.

Rapper, Writter,  - Dolo Money

Dolo Money. An emerging artist hailing from Baltimore MD.

Makin Beats for Hip Hop or RnB - Felix T.

Iam a producer from germany and i am looking forward to team up with other artists or producers and make music together. For this reason my services are completely free! I produce because I have fun with music!

Ghetto spokesman  - Shady nate

Shake haters and do you

Songwriter, singer. - DHAMY

Lyrics writer and a singer. I can write in three languages (english, punjabi & hindi) I’ve practiced my vocals moslty in punjabi and hindi.

Mixing & Mastering - LEON

A professional audio mix & mastering engineer with over 7 years of experience.

Music Production - Z Chill Music

Artist-centered services, no gimmicks.

'Music Producer','beat maker' - #CASH ADE

Producer & Mixing Engineer. - K Malice

I'm an experienced Mixing Engineer and Producer. If you're not happy, I'll make it right. My services value comes from the care of my work.

Mixing & Mastering - Bleaux

We Gone Get You Right

Abstract beat Maker - Isaac Tumor

Hi! i go by the name isaac tumor, make abstract beats and ambient oriented music for about 8 years now i can produce for beats from a single release to full album. i usually be original with most of my work... hope to hear from u soon :)

Mixing & Mastering - Tcheck10

The best world between analog gear and plug

Artist/Songwriter - Daniel AMP

Multi-genre songwriter and thriving artist Daniel AMP is best known for songs such as “Bet Dat,” “Emmett Till,” and “Waves.” Little do most people know that he is also a highly talented songwriter who has been doing exceptionally well in his freelance work as a writer for companies such as Universal and Sony Music Groups.

Mixing & Mastering Creatively - SPR Studio

I have had the opportunity to work with many talented artists in my area, would love to get to work with you and build a new experience. I've engineered Rap, R&B, Reggaeton, Dembow, Dancehall, Afrobeat, Drill and would look forward to adding more to the list.

Music Producer - MSK

Music producer, Mixing & Mastering

'Songwriter' 'recording artist - Xavvi

Have writer's block? Missing a hook or verse? Help yourself by working with me, the catalyst to your next hit song.

Rapper, Producer, Beat Maker - Jackson Whalan

I'm an American lyricist and producer known for my high-impact rapping, music production, live performance and collaboration. I have independently released over 100 songs, including LPs, EPs, singles and features, while touring extensively, both solo and with a live band. I'm excited to hear about your current project!

Mix & Mastering - Suspect Studios

I am a sound engineer with an expertise in garageband and logic x pro, I specialise in mixing and mastering as i have done for 70+ clients, making their music officially radio ready.

Cover Art + Promo content - Israel Perez

I want to bring your ideas to life, whether thats in photshop or by me hand drawing your ideas. I don't want artists to settle for less than an amazing piece of work that matches your song/project. (my top credits: nobigdyl - stix, henrik - high school girl & stuck, and all cover art from "Isreal Perez')

Mixing-Mastering & Songwriting - DME Studios

We're are an independent record label & studio which is based in Giessen near Frankfurt am Main. We're specialized in Hip Hop / R&B and Pop Productions. We're Mix and Master since 2013. Our latest references are Sharif Blaqsoul - Vibe (featuring Vedo) Recording,Mix & Master,Songwriting Kim Duhart - Left Right EP Recording,Mix&Master,Songwriting

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