Hip Hop Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Producer, Mixing&Mastering - Woodbox

I like to take my production every direction fitting, resulting in a broad veriety of styles I can do. I prefer my own blend though. Hit me up to have a chat! :)

Producer & Mixing Engineer. - K Malice

I'm an experienced Mixing Engineer and Producer. If you're not happy, I'll make it right. My services value comes from the care of my work.

give me more, please... - DJ Telaviv

Sound Engineer, DJ, Educator

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Blvkrvft Studios

Fastest turnaround on site. Multi-Genre Production, Remote mixing and mastering, Artist Development. Management and promotional campaigns designed to fit any budget!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Jesse Sidders

I will transform your raw tracks into polished, bright, punchy mixes perfect for Rock, Metal & Rap. Let’s work together and make your song the best it can be!

music producer - Mateja Matejic

i am a singer and producer.

Mix and Mastering, Songwriter - SIX BABY

Im a rapper form Varna, Bulgaria. I can do anything you want.I am a producer, songwriter, professional Mix and mastering engineer.

Music Producer  - Mamiboys

Hey there. I’m Krisheno, music producer from the music duo, Mamiboys. If you are a vocalist looking for a music producer for your next track, I’m happy to work together. Currently I’m producing beats for the music duo Mamiboys and had worked together with Kollywood producers such as Harris Jayaraj, Srikanth Deva and international short films.

I'm a music producer/guitarist - GRAMM

I love making soulful and groovy songs. I like to work with the singer in order to create a record and not just a beat.

Record Label - Dummy Records

Dummy Records is a Norway based company that helps new inspiring artists reach their goals. We mainly focus on Hip-Hop but are able to help with other genres well.

Mixing and Mastering - Bunker Studio

I am a young upcoming Mixing-Engineer.

Urban music all rounder - Sujal Bhandari

Professional songwriting, top-notch mixes, captivating vocals, and infectious instrumentals. Elevate your tracks with passion and precision. Let's create magic together!

Producer/Keys/Mix/Scoring - Chill Evans

Graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy in the Jazz Piano program. Then graduated from Berklee College of Music with a dual degree of Music Production & Engineering and Film Scoring.

Producer SoundDesign & Mixing - StackMatik

With over 10 years of experience, a degree in Sound Design, and producing songs for top artists from The Netherlands and international artists, I will take your vision and translate it into a finished product.

Record/mix engineer, producer - Dylan Stoute

One stop shop. Recording, mixing, vocal producer, sound design, etc. Base of operations: Premier Studios (Times Square, NYC)

Singer/Songwriter - Zodi

As an aspiring artist myself, the heart of my work always aims true. I give EVERY piece of work my undivided, working for perfection until satisfactory. If you have any inquiries, feel free to shoot me a message and I will always respond!

Music Producer - KAYD

Developing unheard talent!

Music Producer, Mix & Master - TimzoTheCreator

Have you ever heard of the term "rare, undiscovered, raw talent"? Yeah? Sooooo me.

Beats, vocal demos, and mixing - Knarly Music Production

I create music from scratch into a fully produced songs and projects. I enjoy the whole process from start to finish, so you should know that I will be extremely passionate about any project you need worked on.

Music & lyrics - Andy Lim

Spotify Ads Advertising and Singer Artists look to spike royalties revenue, popularity, exposures to new fans. What is are you waiting for? This is my courtesy handout coming across my ad too you. Let me help you have the best experience with you promotion. From instrumental beat, booking time at the recording and/ or motion picture studio; FAMOUS

Beatmaker, Mixing Engineer - SIXTHSTRINGBEATS

Cooked up over 1000 beats (maybe even more) and uploaded 100 to my beatstore.

Mixing & Mastering, Beatmaker - Eugene

it should be done perfectly and it is only possible with the right knowledge and skill

Songwriter  - Hannel James

I am a songwriter specializing in hip hop and pop music

Producer / Mixing & Mastering - tei.sun

10+ years of Producing, Recording, Mixing and Mastering. Rap/Hip-Hop focused with love for all genres if I am excited by the music. Love building big vocal harmonies and melodies. Creating movement and space within the mix and production. Vibes over perfection. 3D / Graphic Design / Animation - For album covers, singles and promo material.

Songwriter  - Flava Flame

Itz 🔥See-Money Dha Flame🔥 Dha Only 1.. I'm🔥Flava Flame🔥 2 Sum But Im 2nd Place 2 None 🙅🏾‍♂️ B4 Dha Bell 🛎️ Rung I Had Already Won 🏆 Strate Owta Souf Crack I Shout Dat, So You Kno Im Bowt Dat Metrolinas Finest Killumbia Where Ya Find Me I Aint Neva Hidin I'm Dha Manure You Kn Tell By Dha Way I Maneuver Graphic Designer Entertainer

Recording & Mixing Engineering - Look2xMuzic

With psychoacoustics, we think we are hearing differently, so while one engineer to the next will claim the best mix over the next, I focus on aligning mentally with creators during the creative process. Attention to detail is why I love to engineer, and the details of how I can do that with the product of your mix is the next step, for us.

Engineer,Producer,Sound Design - Jesse Garcia

Experienced audio engineer & producer with a passion for crafting sonic experiences. Expertise in recording, mixing, and mastering across diverse genres. Collaborative and detail-oriented, dedicated to delivering exceptional sound quality. Making music come alive is my ultimate goal! 🎧🎵

Producer & Engineer - CARGOBROWN

Recording Artist, Hip-hop/Rap and Electronic Producer, Vocal and Sound Engineer.

Music Producer - Grantor

Hi there. This is Grantor. My new lofi project.

Mixing & Mastering - Haral Stone

A Mixing engineer who is passionate about my work and who wants to elevate the artists sound. I want to get the best from you out of you.

Mixing & Mastering  - BAKAEDITZ

Started as a DJ over 10 years ago now producing and mixing & mastering

Mastering Engineer - Güssbmps

LA based mastering engineer with affordable pricing and quick turn around times.

Produce, Songwriter,  - 808 Mondo

I’m 808 Mondo One of the biggest influencers, Producer & Songwriter coming from Cleveland, Ohio & I’ve done music with Lil Cray, Young Dolph, Key Glock, Sosa 808 & Many More I also have a album out dedicated to my city called “4eva luv” A album with all cleveland artists & producers working on the same goal

Diverse song writer  - Cartier

Lyrics and delivery style is a combination new age wave and old skool passion

Rapper/Bass Player - Khainsaw

I am Khainsaw a rapper from Texas who is currently in Little Rock. I am recording an album on KamiKaze Record Label 🎶 I am also a very skilled bass player and musician. Looking for collaborations with talented artist 🎶

Producer/Composer/Vocalist/ - Myles Young

I've been a producer / composer for 10+ years, creating custom music for TV/Radio, Artist Projects, etc. Starting with the Suzuki method at age 5, I'm equipped with the tools and ear to help create something truly unique. Looking for a traditional musician? I'm probably not your guy. I'm the guy you call when you need something truly one-of-a-kind.

Music producer, mix vocals - Yungstar Beats

I’m a 19 year old self taught producer, I make really melodic beats and I have a unique sound, my goal is too just be able to collaborate with other unique people.

Auteur-Compositeur - Ohkin

Auteur-Compositeur Certifié 2x Platine SNEP.

Recording Studio Remote Mixing - Max Lowe

Premium quality mixes at an affordable rate

Remote Mixing & Mastering - MajeedMuzic

Mixing music has been great passions for over 10 years.



Mixing, Vocal comping, tuning - Ryan

I'm here to turn your idea into reality, exactly how you envisioned it.

Make history - Brian Berger

Born and raised in NY, grew up in the golden era of hip hop and learnt from the best, developed my craft and still to this day I am always learning. I can mix and master, produce and arrange. Just let me know what your ideas are and I’ll get you stamped into the history books.

Production, Lyrics, Vocal, ECT - Bee-Sting

-I have been a music producer, vocalist, and lyric writer for almost two years -I've worked as a music intern at a small company -I run a small artist page that is currently growing -It is my goal to always provide the highest quality product possible and to continually improve my skills as a artist.

I make your lyrics  - BeatsByEscapePlan

I'm a song writer song maker and beat maker

Mixing and Mastering  - Zo Alston

I'm an Engineer, Producer, and Multi-Instrumentalist originally from Newport News, VA. I currently reside in Richmond, Va, where I work at GoodPeeples Studios and finishing up my undergrad at VCUARTS as a percussion major. I have a wholistic understanding and knowledge behind production, musical execution, and mixing of all genres.

Lyricist, Composer, Roadie - HalfScratch

If you are looking for a wordsmith or unique melodies, I'm your girl. Not so much a singer/songwriter, more of a rhymer and keyboardist, known to scratch a mean record! I don't have much professional experience to brag about, as I haven't had anything published, but I have had the majority my work stolen, so I know it's good enough to make it.

i produce, mix, master tracks - fred the architect

I have been mastering the skills of music production for the past 3 years in fl studio, ableton live, and pro tools, therefore I am capable of doing anything music related, as long as it does not include vocals

Music Production  - Farmboybeats -Mix & Master Pro

I have been in production a long time and have the skills to bring anything that professional polished sound. Mastering is my specialty but I also Mix and am involved in many areas and genres of Music Production

Recording Engineer, Songwriter - Flyguyjavi

Crisp clean dynamic sound. Engineer for Street Exec Studios, Singer/ Songwriter

Songwriter - Dylan Sheak

A creative, lyrical songwriter.

Remote Mixing Engineer - Xavier Joseph

Mixing Rap/R&B to the industry standard. For an affordable price.

Music producer, Musical Artist - STONEKIDD_SA

STONEKIDD_SA he's an independent recording Artist based in Pretoria,South Africa. He has live songs on digital platforms like Spotify, YouTube music and Apple music.

songwrite  - The Signal

i write rap drill r&b lyrics

Music Producer/Sound Engineer  - Lyaz

The people call me "The Space Man" because of the depth of my mixing and all the records that i work, i put my own shape to sounds and make them 3d.

Mixing, mastering, audio engin - Covidbeats

I can make your song sound professional, and “radio ready” hiphop is my main genre but I can do any type of music, I look forward to working with you

Producer + Session Guitarist - John Lenin

I'm a Music Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist (and Graphic Designer) from Germany. I have been playing instruments and writing songs for more than 20 years and made the jump to professional music production 3 years ago. I am published by Edition UGF at Roba Music Publishing.

Beatmaking, mezcla y masterización - AboveSound

The sound you need to make your music work

Artist, Songwriter - Kham

My resume includes a top 30 charting debut album, peaking at #28 on the itunes hiphop charts and numerous Spotify/Apple Music editorial playlist placements. Along with my music being broadcast on television networks such as Revolt and BET jams and on television shows such as ”All American”.

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