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Session Guitarrist and vocals - Joseph


Session Guitarrist and vocals

Exciting lead and rhythm guitars, tasteful 6 or 12 string acoustic guitars, and strong vocals. I can record lead and rhythm guitars, electric or acoustic (6 or 12 string for the latter), and vocals. Also happy to bounce back ideas for your song if you want.


Music for you - ML


Music for you

Keyboardist, Guitarist, Bassist, Composer, Arranger, Producer... Addict to music.


Chile - Autoshopping



Somos expertos en la selección de los más exclusivos y en mejor estado autos usados en venta, confía en nuestra dilatada experiencia y garantías.


Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Theodor




Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Worked with David Reece (Accept, Bonfire), Lauri Tuohimaa (Charon), Marcos Rodriguez (Rage), Second To Sun, The Lust, Alkonost, Petri Lindroos (Ensiferum, Norther). The founder of 'Slaughtered Studio' that has succeeded in mixing metal and rock music. Good reviews from producers such as Mark Kramer and Peter Tagtgren.

null - Chris


Award-winning engineer Chris Fogel has left an indelible imprint on the recording industry with his contributions as a music producer, engineer, and mixer for film, television, and more. Recognized as an industry leader, Chris has been profiled in Mix, Billboard, Pro Sound News, Sound on Sound, EQ, and Surround Professional magazines.

Award-Winning Music Composer - Guy

Los Angeles

Award-Winning Music Composer

Award- Winning Composer, producer, guitarist, pianist and CEO Apollo Recording & Film Studio


Rapper.Singer. Ghost writer  - Phreshnemesismusicgod


Rapper.Singer. Ghost writer

I am amazing at what I do. I have wrote many songs and helped many with projects. My lifestyle fits your budget . I will always stay true and treat everyone accordingly.

Composer , music producer  - Khalid


Composer , music producer

My name is Khalid Ghorab ( Musician and music producer ) . My songs are published in iTunes , Spotify , Deezer . i made lots of music styles


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