Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Goodwill

Songwriter, Lyricist, Vocalist - Chelsea Dash


4 Octave Berklee College of Music and SLS trained vocalist. Top-Liner (lyrics and melody writer) for Song&Film (sync). From Soul, to RnB, to Blues, Pop, Rock and classical, I'm a diverse and experienced professional vocalist (leads, backgrounds, demos, etc)! I also excel in songwriting, particularly pop top-lining (writing melody and lyrics).

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Songwriter, Producer, Mixer - FICCHI

FICCHI is a LA-based songwriter, producer & artist. He began his career in 2013 working with songwriting and production team, GoodWill & MGI. He currently has placements with NBC, Keds and MTV. His sound combines elements of pop, R&B, dance and electronic. Working out of his home studio, he provides all the instrumentation, mixing, and production.

Producer and Composer - GhostDawg

GhostDawg is a self-made music producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist, heavily influenced by a mixture of Jazz, Lo-Fi, House, Funk and Latin beats. Always trying to find the perfect, groovy chord progression that will make listeners unwind after a long day of work, or the perfect kick and snare to tap their feet to the rhythm.

Mixing and mastering  - Sriram in the mix

I'm mixing and mastering engineer from India ,who currently works for many album songs, cover songs and singles with Independent artists and short films. With excellent fine quality of mixing, he has got credits in YouTube from top artists across globe. One day he aspires to be mixing and mastering for grammy winning movies.

Versatile Vocalist - Chiara

Highly versatile singer, I have experience in both commercial and in classical music. Areas of specialisation are Pop and Operatic style (Soprano). Performed at BBC Radio London, Royal Festival Hall, Brixton O2 Arena an more.

Engineer/Writer/Prod. - Wyatt Woodley

I can take your song or project to the next level. Whether you need the final touches and glue to give your music that industry sheen, production for your track(s), or even vocal ideas (lyric and melody) I can elevate your product.

Independent Music Producer - Psya

Sane to crazy in 0.5s that's the variety of sounds I can produce when it comes to the projects I'm working on, be it a soulful ballad or an avant-garde soundscape my production capabilities are only limited by nothing, that is only if you can prove its existence. I work reliably and efficiently always keeping you in the loop about what I'm up to.

Acrylic Engraving - Professional Acrylic LLC

Professional Acrylic LLC Middle East Glass & Plastic Engraving LLC had its seed from the brimming ideas of its six founders whom brought together and pooled their individual charisma and skills.

Mixing & Mastering - House of Ben

The New York sound with a French touch! Music producer, audio engineer and sound designer from Paris, France living in Brooklyn, New York.

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