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Contamos con una de las mejores salas de grabación de Chile. Todo profesionalmente acondicionado. Tenemos los mejores micrófonos y preamplificadores del mercado. Excelente ambiente laboral. Conoce más en

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remote mix and mastering  - alpha-zeta


remote mix and mastering

My name is Kip Santiago. I am a certified graduate of pixel blue college, taught by one of the most prestigious engineers in my city. My mixes are fresh, clean and full of life.

Musical magician.  - Louisville


Musical magician.

I am a multi-instrumentalist with a primary focus on guitar.

Remote Mixing - CincySound


Remote Mixing

Let me elevate your music to sound its very best.


Mixing Engineer/Producer - Buggy

New York

Mixing Engineer/Producer

Buggy Ocran is a professional mixing engineer, music producer, recording engineer, and pianist located in the New York area. Recent albums mixed include Bronxlyn (Album: AKATA, 2B1C) and Rollie (Album: Time Will Tell).

Mastering & Mixing  - Nick


Mastering & Mixing

All Genres. Mixing & Mastering by Nick Mills Vocals, Full Songs, Custom Beats


Create Music for your Vision - Riccardo


Create Music for your Vision

My goal is to help YOU achieve YOUR musical vision. I value a great service and that is what I aim to provide for each project I work on; treating each one like if it was my baby.

Vocal Mix Engineer, Producer - Alex


Vocal Mix Engineer, Producer

I'm a classically trained pianist, singer, producer and songwriter. I have worked with big artists including; Chainsmokers, Liam Payne, Mike Williams, Post Malone & have also worked alot with smaller artists. I'd love to help you develop your sound and improve your songs productionswise, lyrically and sonically.


Singer/Songwriter  - Dawn



I have been in the music business for over 30 years singing Top40, electronic, horror, metal, rock, industrial, edm, dance and gospel. I can record vocals easily and quickly. I have studied voice with Pamela Moore from Queensryche fame and have a powerful voice.


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