Composer & Sound Designer - Juliane


Composer & Sound Designer

A versatile music composer, sound designer, and multi-instrumentalist working with audio for games and audiovisual media.

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Producer, Songwriter, Singer - HUMNKND


Producer, Songwriter, Singer

I produce psychedelic, experimental, electronic hip hop/R&B. I work with undiscovered artists mostly and am looking to spread my sound.


Session guitarist/pedal addict - Cowboy


Session guitarist/pedal addict

My name is Blake and I am the primary musician behind Cowboy Dinosaur, an indie/alt-rock band out of Portland, OR. I have a pro-level studio where I record all of my band's songs, and in my spare time I love playing guitar for other bands. I also started the effect pedal company Blakemore Effects, so I love creating noises with pedals.

Music Producer - Sandi


Music Producer

Music production in many different genres of music.


Session Vocalist and Pianist - Lauren


Session Vocalist and Pianist

I've sung and played on records for artists such as Bob Weir, Kevin Morby, Benjamin Booker, Elizabeth & the Catapult to name a few. I have a clear soprano bell-like voice (I can sing REALLY HIGH!). I'm also a touring and session side musician playing keys, guitar and percussion as well as singing back up.

music producer - Ronaldo


music producer

Musician, composer, teacher and DJ I started my musical trajectory in the 80's, playing bass and guitar in various bands and dance singers. Genres like: pop, rock etc. In the 90's I started another musical career playing guitar in groups and several samba singers where I got to have some of their recorded songs. Courses: Course of arrangement and i

Recording Studio - The


Recording Studio

The ultimate modern studio built for the modern age.

Mixer/Composer - Toua



My name is Toua Vang and I am a Producer/Composer/Mix-Engineer/Songwriter in Winona, MN. I have a Bachelor degree in Music Production and look to offer my expertise towards anyone in need. My proficiency is upon Pop and Hip-hop, but I feel I have the knowledge and preparation to work on other genres as well.


Producer, Mix Engineer, Writer - Noel


Producer, Mix Engineer, Writer

I care. I won't settle or allow you to either. Tell me what you want, and l'll make sure you love what you get back.

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