Pop Game Audio

These professional game audio designers and game sound composers will craft original songs, beats, SFX, and dialogue for your game

Session bassist, Mix,& Master - Tadej

5356 E Skelly Dr

Session bassist, Mix,& Master

Did over 200 production and recording sessions...Easy going..


Vocalist, Voice Over Artist - Ashleigh


Vocalist, Voice Over Artist

I specialize as a vocalist in the style of Pop, R&B, Country, Soul, and Classical, and create melodies or harmonies if needed. I can deliver professionally edited audio from my home studio using Logic Pro X & Pro Tools 10.


Producer/Composer/Studio - Harrison



Top-rated Producer, Songwriter, and Composer. Owner of HP Music.

Songwriting & Production Team - Offstream


Songwriting & Production Team

Offstream Music Group is a team of some of the top music producers in the business. Our group of producers will work hard to bring you and your project the quality you need. Our portfolio speaks for itself, from major hit artists like Rihanna and Ne-Yo, to hometown heroes like India Arie and Lex Lu. Let's get started on your project today.

Session Bassist and Composer - Holden

Los Angeles

Session Bassist and Composer

With 3 years of touring working on the cutting edge of live sound I've got the flexibility and chops to bring whatever sound you're aspiring to capture to life.

Composer, Producer, Beat Maker - BENYAMIN


Composer, Producer, Beat Maker

Benyamin ( Benyamin Mohammadi Amlashi ) born 12 April 1986 is an Iranian, Composer, Keyboardist, Violinist, Singer, Music Producer and Designer.

Mixer, Sound Designer, Artist - Shannon

New Jersey

Mixer, Sound Designer, Artist

I am a songwriter, composer, and sound designer! I love playing with melodies and sounds to create a final project that sounds awesome!

Write Lyrics - NKD


Write Lyrics

Write songs that people can relate to their lives


I am a mixing engineering  - Rishi


I am a mixing engineering

I am focused mixing engineering, specialized in youtube cover mixing and game music.


Producer, Composer, Mixer - Yuki


Producer, Composer, Mixer

Tipness(Sports club) , gumi(Smartphone game Company), Granturismo PSP(Playstation Portable), Granturismo 5, Granturismo 6 Playstation Videogame)Conisi Bondo(TVCM), ANONYMOUS;CODE Dither Movie(5pb.Games) , Radio Drama... AMWE[Sony Music Publishing](Remix), BugLug[Resistor Records](Music Instrument Tracks&Back Tracks), Cutie Pie...


Music Producer, Percussionist - Pansil


Music Producer, Percussionist

My released tracks have been supported on the radios not only all over Greece but also, in Europe & UAE, Radio stations such as Music 89,2 FM the biggest radio in Athens, Ibiza Global Radio, Kiss FM Ukraine. You could listen to my tracks on the official Spotify Playlist of the famous clothing brand of ZARA & also, on Spotify's Editorial playlist.

Audio Specialist - AmnesiaSound


Audio Specialist

Looking to stand out from the crowd? I'm a professional audio specialist who is able to help take your art to the next level. I have worked with musical icons that include Phill X of Bon Jovi, Joey Landreth, and Six60, to popular television shows such as American Pickers, The Aquarium, eTalk, and many many more!

Music Production - Mystic


Music Production

The primary objective of our company is to provide world class music production services for our clients. The studio has been involved in producing music for various brands, indie artists and film makers.

Music Producer, Composer - Tom

New York

Music Producer, Composer

Composer, Producer, Songwriter. Game Credits include Halo series, Tom Clancy series, Wolfenstein & Just Dance series


Edit, Mix and Mastering - T0nu


Edit, Mix and Mastering

I am a sound engineer with 10 years of experience dedicated to editing mixing and mastering audio. I also have experience working in studios and at DAW. I always look the best possible sound for the song or disc. I use pluggins or analogous devices that the study provide me. I record guitar for your songs and also make Fxs sound and music for video


I play, produce, mix & master - Teera

Chiang Mai

I play, produce, mix & master

I've written music for brands like coke and Honda. I've done audio post for nationally broadcasted TV series as well. I care about the music of the people that I work with, just as if they were my own.


Producing, Mixing, & Arranging - Stewart


Producing, Mixing, & Arranging

I am your one stop shop. I can start and finish your project; from beginning songwriting or composing, to recording, producing, mixing, and mastering. I have well rounded skills that make me a top contender for your musical needs. I take feedback well and work fast, so you can feel free to be direct and you will always make your deadlines.

Wizard of Audio Editing - DreadWolf

Virginia Beach

Wizard of Audio Editing

You give me audio, I give you gold.


Audio mastering - Le


Audio mastering

Our state of the art mastering facility is known for its commitment to uncompromised audio and devotion to artists and creativity. Le Lab exhibits a precise and truly transparent monitoring design. A high precision, top quality analog and digital signal path is supported by first line analog to digital conversion.

Production,Engineer,Soundtrack - The



Top tier all original music production (Instruments and samples played by me) and industry professional mixing and mastering. Very versatile and all around music lover with an original ear for sound.


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