Gospel Game Audio

These professional game audio designers and game sound composers will craft original songs, beats, SFX, and dialogue for your game

Sing, Produce and More. - JasonBrye.com

New Orleans

Sing, Produce and More.

I have produced 2 Gospel Albums and I also sing R&B, Pop, Soft Rock and more. I create music instrumentals for people of any genre.


Producer, Vocalist, Engineer - Kristian

New York

Producer, Vocalist, Engineer

With over 20 years of production, mixing and singing experience I am a methodical creator. I take passion in each detail of the music I create and find joy in bringing the songs in your mind and heart to the world stage. As a vocal coach I studied the voice and I know how to bring out the best in a vocal mix. I look forward to working with you!


Audio mixing & Audio Mastering - Wandregs


Audio mixing & Audio Mastering

I have been working for many years in live sound, touring, technical support and others. This year I officially launch into the media to work in music production.


Mixing/Mastering, Songwriter  - Kevin

New York

Mixing/Mastering, Songwriter

Kevin has over 10+ years experience in music theory. He has a keen ear for musical levels and can blend instruments and drastically boost the overall musical experience. He also has a great talent of songwriting. Not only using simple words that stick, but also understanding bar sequences and groove patterns to provide a catchy experience.


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