Music composer & songwriter - Francesco

88046 Lamezia Terme

Music composer & songwriter

I'm a songwriter, producer and guitar player. In 2014 I attended the Lizard Academy of Modern Music in Florence. In 2016 I completed my training with a Master in soundtracks with teachers such as Claudio Simonetti(Goblin) Composing the soundtracks for movies such as "Radice di 9" with an important cast among which Matilda De Angelis.

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Remote Mixing / Producer - Diego


Remote Mixing / Producer

I am a musician, drummer and sound engineer specialized in recording and mixing. My connection between art and audio allowed me to gain important acknowledgements in the academic field, with different recordings and mixes that I made throughout university.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Henning@Xpoint1


Mixing and Mastering Engineer

3D audio mixes. From Dolby Digital© (5.1), binaural Headphone 3D, to Dolby Atmos©, to 11.1 immersive soundexperiences. Stem-mastering Online- (Remote-) Recording and -Directing

null - Sammy

Los Angeles

If you want someone who is easy to work with and will do a great job for a reasonable price than I am your man. I work with all kinds of people and genres of music.


Music Producer, Ghost producer - Atur


Music Producer, Ghost producer

I'll have a go at most genres so just ask! I am a professional Music Producer and also Beat Maker I've been doing this for 15 years. I've worked with several large companies and well-known labels

Pro studio & FOH engineer - CHS


Pro studio & FOH engineer

French sound guy, 28 years old. Professional recording, mixing, mastering & FOH engineer / Music producer since 2010.

I´m a professional singer. - Valila


I´m a professional singer.

I make a lot of jingles of foundations in Medellin with my government, I work in al lot of studios, I hace my own music, I have a sweet but hard voice.


Editing, Mixing, Mastering - Amir


Editing, Mixing, Mastering

I have been active in the Egyptian and UK music scenes since the early 2000s and run a small netlabel / music distribution service for independent musicians called Cyrdaeb.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Classic

San Francisco

Producer, Mixing & Mastering

In our studio we deliver high class sound mixing and mastering. Not only do we mix with sounds but we range from mixing snares, drums, vocals, and or voice overs. I have been mixing and mastering for ten years now. I will make sure your product is high quality, professional industry ready.

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