Radio Ready Pop Producer  - Mark

San Diego

Radio Ready Pop Producer

You want something fresh and exciting? You want "that sound"? You want it to punch, hit and pop? You need that song to come to LIFE? ......THAT'S MY JAM!

Session Electric Bassist  - Justin


Session Electric Bassist

Grammy award winning bassist! I've had the honor of playing bass and synth bass (key bass) for many artist around the world. Specializing in gospel, R&B, Pop, Fusion and Jazz. I enjoy the process of bringing songs alive by building the foundation and encouraging positive energy. Contact me through the contact button so we can make magic!

Mix Engineer - Warren


Mix Engineer

Servant of the songs, artists, and music. Let's make music together. If you don't like it, don't pay me. If you like it, let's make more tracks.

Music Maker, Mixer, and Fixer  - splashofsoda


Music Maker, Mixer, and Fixer

Hello! I'm David! I'm a singer/songwriter, producer, and mix engineer - if it involves music creation, chances are it falls under my umbrella of expertise. I've been working in the music industry for over a decade and believe that the quality of my work and credits speak for themselves. Simply put, I love waking up and making music everyday.

Live sound mixer - Kent


Live sound mixer

I specialize in front-of-house mixing and audio training & education (

Engineering and mixing - Dylan

West Palm Beach

Engineering and mixing

I record, edit, mix, and produce music with all types of artists of different talent level.

Session/Touring Drums  - Dave

Los Angeles

Session/Touring Drums

Remote/Live Sessions and Tours

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