Songwriter/Producer/Publisher - Trey





I'm an Emmy Award winning Songwriter and ACM Song Of The Year Nominee. I've won 15 ASCAP Awards and written with some of the biggest artists in the world, in Country, Pop & Rock. My songs have been at the top of Billboard's #1 singles chart as a Songwriter and as Producer and they've appeared in TV series' more than 500 times.

Producer, Engineer, Mastering - Chad

Los Angeles

Producer, Engineer, Mastering

From garage bands to Grammy winners, I've got you covered! In a DYI world, it's tempting to want to do it all. But don't underestimate the value and efficiencies of someone with lots of experience. You wouldn't cut your own hair or try operating on yourself would you!?

Producer, Mixer, Studio  - Eric


Producer, Mixer, Studio

I am a Top 10 Billboard charting Producer and Mixer. I Combine analog, digital, modern and vintage recording techniques. I view the art of record making as an experience, and I help unlock, harness, and bring to the forefront the core of the artists ideas and intentions. I bring visions to life, and to another level…

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null - Christer-André


Whether I’m producing or mixing, or offering suggestions on songwriting or arranging, I can help you make great sounding music. I have over 20 years of experience in the music industry and have worked with a wide range of talented people on many successful recordings.


Producer, Vocalist, Songwriter - fabriq




Producer, Vocalist, Songwriter

Former lead singer and founder of Uniform Motion. Over 10 million views on YouTube. Founder of Produced over a dozen records Recording, mixing, sound-design, songwriting, vocals and voice-overs.

I mix, master, record and play - CJ


I mix, master, record and play

After graduating from the conservatory of recording arts and sciences in Phoenix, AZ I moved to Chicago to continue working in the field at a more professional level. I'm a long time musician myself and my favorite work is anything that lets us both be creative together!

Mixing/Tracking Engineer - Max


Mixing/Tracking Engineer

"Over the years, I have worked with artists and bands from all over the world as a producer, sound engineer, and musician. Under my leadership have been released a huge number of songs and albums . I do mixing, mastering and writing arrangements. In my works, I prefer to creating a synthesis between live, dynamic music and powerful modern sound”


Mix Engineer - David

Los Angeles

Mix Engineer

Grammy Nominated / Multi-Platinum Award Winning Mixer.

Mixing, mastering, bass - Alex


Mixing, mastering, bass

Being not as professional as those “big guys” are, I offer you services at very reasonable prices. I can mix, master and record live bass tracks for you. Discounts on albums and EPs bigger than four tracks are available.


Keys, composition, production - Alex



New York

Keys, composition, production

I'm a jazz-trained keyboardist fluent in many styles, including jazz, blues, soul, rock, hip hop and electronic dance music. I've been an in-demand keyboardist in the New York City area for over 10 years, spending time performing in clubs and concert halls, recording and teaching. I'm all about making a great part.


Mix&Mastering Engineer - Andrew

St Petersburg

Mix&Mastering Engineer

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