Songwriter/Producer/Engineer - Mazadi



My team is now your comfort zone for creating your music! Our niche is Mixing & Mastering, but we can also provide songwriting, custom beats, graphics (cover artwork/merch designs) and music video shoots included with your mixes!

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Mix, Master, Edit, Design - Hands

San Francisco

Mix, Master, Edit, Design

Freelance audio pro in the SF Bay Area. Best known for my many years of work with Neil Young, I bring to your project quality workmanship, fine attention to detail and most of all great sound. Every project that comes to me gets the same level of attention and effort to support your artistic vision. my motto:"Quality-whether you want it, or not"

Producer/Engineer/Composer/SW - Half

Mexico City


Any great project out there needs a solid team that makes it "Great". We're here to make your project sound Industry Standard Ready.

Audio Engineer & Disk Jockey - Sauced


Audio Engineer & Disk Jockey

Want great quality mixing/mastering for your songs at a cheap rate? Contact me now for details on pricing for individual songs & bundles.

Singer, Songwriter, Musician  - D'annaStewart

Los Angeles

Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Hey Everyone! Im a singer, Songwriter, musician from Los Angeles CA. I've been able to work within the industry and throughout television professionally now for 9 years. I have various placements throughout television shows and movies also featured on a few artists projects currently out.

Session sax, clarinet player - Guille

Buenos Aires

Session sax, clarinet player

I can record in an excellent quality tenor saxophone, clarinet and bass clarinet in my home studio.I studied a jazz carrer in the conservatory in Buenos Aires with the best musicians. Arranger, composer, backgrounds.

Session musician/Producer - Igor


Session musician/Producer

Musician, singer/songwriter,multi instrumentalist, composer,producer,cover artist.. With over 20 years in music business involving various projects including movie scores..


Composition Mixing&Production - Michael

Los Angeles

Composition Mixing&Production

I am certainly passionate and in love with what I do. Whether its recording and production or composing for film and tv, I throw myself in to a project one hundred percent. I really make an effort to work well with the people around me as I think we can achieve much better results if everyone is on the same page.

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