Comp/Songwriter Pianist/Coach - Johannes




Comp/Songwriter Pianist/Coach

Award-Winning Composer/Songwriter/Pianist. Performance w Stevie Wonder, Michael Bolton, Ray Brown. Written for Nickelodeon, New York Theatre Ballet, Netflix, HBO, Coca Cola. Session Pianist on Pop,Jazz,R&B, Country & Classical albums. Musical Director, Vocal Coaching on Disney, X-factor, Voice & talent camps in US,UK,AUS,France & Scandinavia.

Multi-genre percussionists  - Perc



Los Angeles

Multi-genre percussionists

Hybrid of the traditional and new approaches to percussion. One of the largest collections of percussion instruments *anywhere* at our fingertips, helping songwriters and composers complete their tracks with tasty percussion! Standard to experimental textures.

Music Producer (Media-Ads-TV) - John

Vancouver CA / London UK

Music Producer (Media-Ads-TV)

Custom Music for Digi-Media, Adverts, TV, Radio, Web and Artists.

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Lyrics writer, Music producer, - Gil

Tel Aviv

Lyrics writer, Music producer,

They say: Unique, Creative, Not just another one, It seems like you are many years in the industry, Different


Mix/Mast/Prod - Jimmy



I want to deliver the best feeling of the song.


null - Terence


I am a music producer and songwriter with more than 10 years of experience. I work with rappers and singers. I have a studio in Pasadena, CA where I bring dreams to life. I work to help artists get through the creative brainstorm, discover their musical uniqueness, and produce something that sounds as good in real life as it does in their heads.


Mixing Engineer _ Producer - MrRabeat


Mixing Engineer _ Producer

Hi...I'm a professional Mixing Engineer and Music Producer over 10 years based in Greece and i have mixed quite a few Top 10 singles...!

Mixing / Mastering / Producer - Miguel

La Florida

Mixing / Mastering / Producer

If you have your tracks recorded, you don't have the time or the expertise to edit, mix and master and get a professional sound, send us your tracks and we shape it, in MQ Studio I achieve a clear, clean, warm and professional sound with the which your music can compete in an increasingly demanding music market.


Session Vocalist - Aisha




Session Vocalist

I'm a singer/songwriter based in Hamilton, ON who is available for hire if you are in need of a Topline vocalist/writer for a demo or as a Background vocalist as well.

Producer / Songwriter - Robb

Laguna Beach

Producer / Songwriter

Songwriter & producer. LA/Nashville.


Violin, Strings & Recording - Nicolas


Violin, Strings & Recording

Violin, Strings section, all Arrangements, all Orchestrations, all Scores (lay out, printing and binding)...

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