Pianist, composer, songwriter - Milana


Pianist, composer, songwriter

Multi-award winning pianist, composer and singer-songwriter. I collaborated with 100+ composers and songwriters around the world.

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Music Producer - Circle


Music Producer

If you're dealing with weird sounds, phase-y stuff or anything that's super experimental that doesn't sound good on anything else except your headphones, send it to me, i have a lot of experience making and mixing exactly the sort of sounds you're working with and can guarantee that when i'm through with it, your music will sound industry standard!

Film Composer/Beatmaker/Guitar - Alexxey


Film Composer/Beatmaker/Guitar

Composer with many skills from making easy house beat to difficult orchestral arrangement. Experienced in producing soundtracks for movies.


Curated Prod./Sonic Crafter - Boom-I-Aye


Curated Prod./Sonic Crafter

Music plays so many roles in the Universe. Your Sonic Signature is key. Life's to short to make bad music....


Artist, Music Producer - MYLØ

Ostrow Wielkopolski

Artist, Music Producer

I am a graduate of the best music university in Poland and one of the best in Europe - The Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice. Thanks to that, as a music producer, I am able to do anything for you.

null - James

New York

Live sound Engineer for FOH and monitors with over 12 years experience working in house and touring. Currently working at Terminal 5 music venue in NY and touring with Foster the People.

Mix and master extreme music - Kai

Los Angeles

Mix and master extreme music

these days, I mostly mix songs... but I also produce "beats", instrumentals, soundtracks, and boutique music, as well as provide mastering services.


comfort keeper - brinto


comfort keeper

home care Tampa


Music producer and mix enginer - Luis


Music producer and mix enginer

Hi, Im Luis born in California currently living in Atlanta GA. I produce music and mix. I am a Sae Grad and have a lot of expierence. Shoot me a email for info my stuff.


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