Producer, Beat Maker, Mixer - Aidan




Producer, Beat Maker, Mixer

Need a competitive mix and master on your record? Need Production to fit your lyrics? Need a hook or verse? Or maybe you just need a fire beat to get the creative juices flowing? Whichever it is that you need, you can find it right here?

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Cheer


Remote Mixing & Mastering

Tired of mixes that feel dry & lifeless? Need an engineer with a full understanding of what it takes to pour your heart & soul into a record? If you answered yes to either of those questions, I’m your guy. An artist, producer & songwriter myself, I understand completely what goes into making your music & how important it is to finish strong.

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Mixing & Mastering - Javier


Mixing & Mastering

I've been in the music industry since 2002. Love making an album sound as good as it should. I'm very passionate about my work, so your project will become my project. I'm also a musician, so musicality is always present in my mixing choices, and my mixing knowledge will never undermine the artist wishes for something specific in the mix.

Producer, Mix Engineer - HG


Producer, Mix Engineer

Professional and established freelance Music Producer and Engineer since 07.


Rapper, Singer, Producer - Reedukay


Rapper, Singer, Producer

I'm just me. Reedukay


Singer - vocal coach - jingles - Celeste

Buenos Aires

Singer - vocal coach - jingles

I can make the catchy jingle you are looking for, sing a song , or be your vocal coach (No experience needed) I speak Spanish and English


Session Vocalist - Top Liner - Megan


Session Vocalist - Top Liner

I am great with melodies, rhythms, harmonies, and background vocals. I can sing any genre, due to my vast experience, while my emphasis is on R&B/Soul/Pop/Jazz. If you trust me - I am more than willing to work tirelessly to give you what you envision.


Lyricist, Rapper, Songwriter  - Brandon

Los Angeles

Lyricist, Rapper, Songwriter

I write rap songs and pop songs. I love coming up with cool concepts and writing lyrics that surprise people.


Session Pianist, Arranger - Nicolas



Buenos Aires

Session Pianist, Arranger

versatile musician, answering with many options for your projects, fast delivery & good vibes.


Producer, Mixologist, Engineer - Nick

North Hollywood

Producer, Mixologist, Engineer

I'm expensive so you can sound expensive.

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