Mixing & Mastering Engineers who worked with Blue October

Photo of David Castell

David Castell

Producer, Mixer, Mastering
Dallas, TX, USA
16 Reviews
  • Mixing Engineers - $500/Song
  • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
  • Vocal Tuning - $50/Track
  • 2 More...
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It's all about the work! Your music has to compete on every level. Getting that last 5 to 10 percent out of your track is what I do! Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered Gold and Platinum albums/singles Blue October "Foiled" Hit Singles "Into the Ocean" "Hate Me" Deep Blue Something "Home" Hit Single "Breakfast At Tiffany's"

Photo of Kevin Butler

Kevin Butler

producer, engineer, mixer
Austin, TX, USA
1 Review
  • Mixing Engineers - $350/Song
  • Mastering Engineers - $50/Song
  • Producers
  • 1 More...
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Hello. I'm Kevin. I am ( in no particular order ) a guitarist, drummer, producer, engineer and mixer.

Photo of Dave Hawkins

Dave Hawkins

recordist /// composer
Austin, TX, USA
2 Reviews
  • Mixing Engineers - $200/Song
  • Full instrumental productions - $300/Song
  • Vocal Tuning - $40/Track
  • 2 More...
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Hi there. I'm David, and I'm a musician, engineer, and composer living and working in Austin, TX. I've been writing, playing, and recording music for over 20 years. To hear more of my work, please visit my Tumblr page at davidhawkinsaudio@tumblr.com. Thanks for stopping by.

Photo of RockMixer


Los Angeles, CA
  • Mixing Engineers - $600/Song
  • Recording Studios - $500/Day
  • Editing - $75/Track
  • 3 More...

My name is Steve Hardy (aka Rock Mixer) and I am a multi-platinum award winning mixing engineer.

Photo of Pythagoras Studios / Transduction Production

Pythagoras Studios / Transduction Production

Lafayette, LA
  • Mixing Engineers - $150/Song
  • Recording Studios - $300/Day
  • Editing - $40/Track
  • 4 More...

We are a home based, mobile studio and production company. Ready to Make you next project a success! Mixing, Recording, Mastering

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Photo of Daniel Myer

Daniel Myer

Leipzig, Deutschland
  • Editing - $100/Track
  • Beat Makers - $400/Song
  • Producers - $1000/Song
  • 2 More...

My Name is Daniel Myer. I am working in the Electronic Music Field for over 20 Years. I started as a DJ and moved very quickly to the Production Work. I have been releasing Music under different Aliases since 1992.

Photo of Will-Powerz Beats, Mixing/Mastering

Will-Powerz Beats, Mixing/Mastering

Music Producer
London, United Kingdom
  • Producers - $100/Song
  • Beat Makers - $50/Song
  • Remixing - $50/Song
  • 4 More...

Will-Powerz is a talented producer, recording artist and sound engineer in London, England. Primarily involved in Hip-Hop, he has the versatility to apply his skills to any genre of music, and offers top-class beats and features on songs, as well as premium mixing/mastering services, from his website at http://willpowerzmusic.co.uk

Photo of JeffreyArevalo


Music producer
Sarasota, FL, USA

    Professional musician and recording artist running a recording studio in south Florida.

    Photo of JC Mastering

    JC Mastering

    Mastering Engineer
    Boston, MA, USA
    3 Reviews
    • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song
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    I have 20+ years recording experience and understand how much work you put into your songs and what they mean to you. I only want to make them sound better through mastering. Having played in bands and experienced the mastering process for better or worse, I want to make your process as smooth as possible.

    Photo of Zuu Studios

    Zuu Studios

    Mixing and Mastering
    Los Angeles, CA, USA

      Mixing and Mastering is my specialty. I mix with protools and the latest plugins to achieve a sound that is relatable to a general audience but original and cutting edge. I have worked with engineers and producers like Ken Andrews, Rafa Sardina, and Chris and Jeff Lord Alge. I use these methods and beyond Master/Ozone7

      Photo of Dion Vermaes

      Dion Vermaes

      Music Production & Mixing
      Nijmegen, Netherlands

        Hi, my name is Dion Vermaes and I'm a sound engineer - mixer from The Netherlands. In the past I've worked with some great artists like The Kyteman Orchestra and Leng Tch'e. While working in a lot of studios I started building my own mixing rig at home. by working with my own gear I can offer affordable mixes and productions.

        Photo of Reynard "Nard" Taylor Jr

        Reynard "Nard" Taylor Jr

        Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, +
        Baltimore, MD, USA
        • Songwriter - Lyrics - $250/Song
        • Top line writer (vocal melody) - $150/Song
        • Singer - Male - $125/Song
        • 1 More...
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        With over 15 years of songwriting and music composition experience, Reynard "Nard" Taylor Jr. (born December 17, 1987) is the perfect choice for your musical needs. Raised in Baltimore, Nard first began writing song lyrics at the age of 12. It was then he quickly discovered he had a knack for connecting with people through his words.

        Photo of Ray Ortiz

        Ray Ortiz

        Mix/Tracking Engineer
        Mt Prospect, IL, USA
        • Recording Studios - $450/Day
        • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
        • Electric Guitar - $50/Song
        • 4 More...
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        I have had a blast working with artists locally to Chicago, Kirk Kamminga and Cold Creek Road, Bel-Air and the Burbs, MightBeMike, Sickk Boy, as well as artists from Wisconsin, Bradley Sperger, and Be the Young.