Angelic Vocalist - Madison

Los Angeles

Angelic Vocalist

Award-winning & experienced vocalist, with an angelic & soothing delivery that will send you into a floating-like trance. Often compared to Ellie Goulding, The Cranberries, & Florence + The Machine. If you are looking for a singer who can transcend, Madison is your person!

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I have all the best talent - Virgil


I have all the best talent

Bootsy Collins once called me his daddy.

Session Vocalist & Mixer - Drew


Session Vocalist & Mixer

Drew Smith is a pro songwriter, vocalist, mixing engineer and producer in Nashville, TN. His songs have been recorded by Randy Houser, Merle Haggard, Jason Charles Miller, Kevin Denney and others. He got his start in recording studios while running coffee in the famous Muscle Shoals Sound Studios, in Muscle Shoals, AL at age 17.

null - Theo


Teacher, Performer, Composer, Arranger, Mixing / Mastering Engineer, Musician and Sound Designer creating music for TV, film, library music and music for games and Podcast broadcasting. Enthusiastic well-motivated and accustomed to working to tight deadlines

null - Mackiewayne

Red Deer

Many years of live sound......protools studio, tube mics digital board....


Remote Mix/Master Engineer - Ali

Los Angeles

Remote Mix/Master Engineer

I've worked with legendary mix engineer Young Guru (man behind the sound of Jay-Z) and have been trained at SAE, CRE8 Music Academy (by Grammy-Nominated Doug Fenske), and Harvard University's School of ElectroAcoustic Composition (HUSEAC, by Head Engineer Seth Torres). I've mixed for acts from Boston to LA and own ALL the awesome UA/Waves plugins!


Mixing & Mastering - Santini

Fort Worth

Mixing & Mastering

Hello! I am a songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, and post production engineer/artist! I have been working on reputation with clients across the country and have grown very passionate about mixing and mastering peoples' music. I find it very rewarding to extract all the emotion from a song and achieve natural balance, polish, and vibe.


Vocalist, Songwriter, Topline - Davis


Vocalist, Songwriter, Topline

Davis Mallory is singer-songwriter based in Nashville, TN with music on Warner Denmark, Armada Records, Grammy-nominated French producer Cedric Gervais' label Delecta, and French label Sidekick. Davis is available for vocal features and songwriting. For list of works visit and info

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