Electric Pop Bass Upright

These professional double bass players are ready to lay down tracks in any style or tone

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Mix, Master engineer.  - Sam


Mix, Master engineer.

I have been working with industry professionals for over ten years. Here to make you happy.

Producer, Beat Maker, DJ - Nick

St Petersburg

Producer, Beat Maker, DJ

10+ years of music production experience. I'm DJ, music/sound producer, beatmaker, offer full ghost tracks too. Also, own a digital record label. Have many supports from famous DJs, producers and radio stations. My tracks are released on 3000 Deep, Digital Empire, HyperBlast, Global 305, Del Sol, Take My Space, Carboware, Lolapad, Diverside etc.

Mastering - Darkart

Los Angeles


Grammy Award Winning Mastering (Justice 'Woman World Wide LP')


Recording Studio - Shoom


Recording Studio

We are Shoom Studios, a recording studio in Belgrade. We strive to be innovative and modern. With our hybrid setup and our impressive facilities, we deliver a great sound and a positive vibe.


Custom Music Producer  - Paul


Custom Music Producer

CREATIVE CATALYST FOR ASPIRING ARTISTS - TAKE YOUR MUSIC TO ANOTHER LEVEL Allow your music to groove and be dynamically exciting with Paul PASH Hutchinson for an Intuitive Custom Music Production. RADIO READY MIXING MASTERING RECORDING etc

Vocalist & Top Line Writer - EmilySings


Vocalist & Top Line Writer

Hey! I'm Em, I'm 25, and based in South England, UK. I'm a classically choir-trained, highly experienced and extremely versatile female singer specialising in jazz, soul, blues, R'n'B, Motown, choral music and EDM. Please feel free to get in touch and let me take your track to the next level :)

Vocalist, Songwriter - Porla


Vocalist, Songwriter

Hey! My name is Porla Dia. I am a singer/songwriter with 5 years of recording experience under my belt and I can write/record a top line melody with a turn around of 2-3 days.


Producer, song-writer. - Jakky


Producer, song-writer.

I'm a producer looking for talented session musicans and unique, distinctive vocalists. Artists worked with include: Princess Freesia of SoulperFreesia, "Sir Shred" of the band Axxion, and the up-and-coming Christa Ebert.


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