Singer-Songwriter Bass Electric

These curated pro electric bassists will lay down solid low-end grooves for your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Your bass player - John


Your bass player

I am a Nashville-based bass player that has played on several platinum albums and singles as well as Grammy and Emmy winning songs. You might have heard me on a country song like Girl Crush or Pontoon by Little Big Town or on a singer-songwriter song by Matt Nathanson or Juliana Hatfield. I love my job, and I hope that it is evident in my playing.

Bass Player - Rob



Los Angeles

Bass Player

I am a bass player currently living in Los Angeles. I’ve played on many recordings with artists as diverse as Passenger to Declan ORourke to Dope Lemon. I'm well versed in recording bass tracks for artists all over the world in my home studio. The internet is an amazing place for people to connect, and I will provide bass for your project.

Session Bassist  - Joe



Los Angeles

Session Bassist

American Idol House Band 2018-2020/Enrique Iglesias/Leonard Cohen/Shakira/Nikka Costa/Liz Pair/Billy Currington/Sara Bareilles/Scary Pockets.....


Session Bassist / Producer - Adam

Los Angeles

Session Bassist / Producer

-+- Versatile bassist / multi-instrumentalist ready to deliver the right sound and part for your song or production -+- Check out my reel for examples of my bass playing. (I am also the engineer/producer/mixer and drummer on clips 4, 6 and 8) -+-

Electric Bass, Unique Ambience - Matthew


Electric Bass, Unique Ambience

I approach the electric bass from two polar opposites - one of finding the perfect part for a given song, and the other destroying the bass role completely and trying different approaches with pedals, effects, sonic textures, and melody.

Bass // Guitar // Keys // Mix - Fabio

São Paulo

Bass // Guitar // Keys // Mix

Latin Grammy Award Winner and various nominees. Over 20 years of experience in recording, producing and mixing. I want to help you make awesome music.

Bass player, Songwriter - Karina

Buenos Aires

Bass player, Songwriter

I've played bass for the last 25 years In several countries for different artists and many styles of music. I love to play Groove my friends!!!

Session Bassist  - Ale

Buenos Aires

Session Bassist

bass sound lover.. electric bass and acoustic upright bass, to give the foundation and support to help your music flow.

Bassist, Singer, Producer - Zach


Bassist, Singer, Producer

Bass player for Todd Kessler, Kevin Andrew Prchal, Nicole Amine, Jess Robbins and many others.

Session Bassist | Producer - Manuel

Buenos Aires

Session Bassist | Producer

My goal is to capture an artistic impression for your songs, nailing the bass lines but also playing some phrases that can bring color and soul to your music.

Session Bassist - Benjamin


Session Bassist

My career has taken me all around the world playing unique bass for the top artists in Folk, Hip Hop, R&B, and Experimental music. If you want bass tracks exactly as you want or something you could never imagine, I can do both and everything in between.

Bass, Synth Bass, Song Maker - Jace


Bass, Synth Bass, Song Maker

As a songwriter and artist I have 8 BMI awards, platinum record credits, an HBO theme song, tons of film/TV synchs, and a #1 Country radio song. As a bass player (or anything else I play) I live to serve the song. It's not about flash; it's about class.

Session Bass Player - Brian

Los Angeles

Session Bass Player

Brian Lang plays bass. Why, you should hire him for your next recording project! He has great sounding gear and puts in the time to sculpt the right sound and come up with the right parts to serve the song. He even likes playing whole notes! He will give you options, revisions, a quick turn-around and will be nice! I promise.

Session Bassist and Producer - James


Session Bassist and Producer

I specialize in writing bass lines for songs (bass guitar as well as some electronic) as well as reading down music as a session player. One notable bass performance was playing bass on stage with gold selling artist and hip-hop legend Kurtis Blow in Harlem. I have also tracked bass for American idol finalist Julia Gargano in recent months.

Session Bass Player/David Gray - Robbie


Session Bass Player/David Gray

Hello lovely people. • I'm here to try and make your song sound as great as it can be. I will put my heart and soul into every take..promise.....

Session Bassist, Arranger - Hugh


Session Bassist, Arranger

I'm a bass player, arranger and composer currently living in London. During my career I have; played support slots for The Hoosiers, The Doobie Brothers, recorded at Metropolis Studios, performed with musicians such as Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Marc Russo (Tower of Power), Marin Alsop, Chuck Sabo (Elton John), Lara Johnston and Ana Free.

Upright & Electric Bass player - Daniel


Upright & Electric Bass player

Dedicated to the art of groove. I provide quality tasteful bass tracks. I'm looking forward to hearing your music and being a part of your project.

Recording/Touring Bass Player - Wayne

Los Angeles

Recording/Touring Bass Player

Bass player with a "song-first" mentality.

Bass player and vocalist - Tiernan


Bass player and vocalist

Experienced live and studio electric bass player providing solid and confident low end for your tracks. My priority is your song and collaborating to create the best bass line we can for each track. Groove, taste and pocket are my watchwords.

Session Bass Player - Rafael

São Paulo

Session Bass Player

Professional bass player with over 10 years of experience and a degree from Berklee College of Music.


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