Hip Hop Bass Electric

These curated pro electric bassists will lay down solid low-end grooves for your song in whatever style, tone, or genre you need

Basslines w/ love & soul - bensnburner

Freiburg im Breisgau

Basslines w/ love & soul

Pleasure your Track with a dope Bassline that comes with Meaning, Love & Soul! Specialized in HipHop, Beats, Neo-Soul, Funk Based on your preferences the results can sound either "in the Pocket" or like a Dilla Sample (or a combination)

Bass Recording & Production - Emile


Bass Recording & Production

Montreal based musician with 12+ years of session bass recordings, producing, engineering, and mixing experience. My tracks aim to add passion, intensity, vibe, and giving a new life and push to your songs. Hope we can connect and work together.

Groove Master - Jakob

Grass Valley

Groove Master

Hi there, let's make it short so we can get to work! I've been playing bass for 12+ years and have been featured on multiple projects. Let's talk about what you have in mind and how we can make it into a reality.


session bassist/ Producer/ - Steve


session bassist/ Producer/

top bass playing - top productions


Session Bassist - Charlie


Session Bassist

I'm hip to what the kids are listening to these days, so let me hook you up with a bass groove that will take your song or beat to the next level. Equally at home in the studio and on the stage, I've opened for artists such as 21 Savage, Big K.R.I.T and Kota the Friend.

Session Bassist, Producer - Sheila

Los Angeles

Session Bassist, Producer

A bass player with the Funk. I am a trained musician and performer, well versed in all types of music, both in studio and live performance. I have done a variety of studio work ranging from Hip Hop and Pop to Country and Rock music.

Bass player  - Phil

Los Angeles

Bass player

I have 20 years of touring and recording experience. I’m an Ernie Ball , Jim Dunlop , Kirlin Cable & Xotic Effects endorsee. Extremely competent in pop , reggae , rock , punk and hip hop. Touring out of town shows average over 100 year. Visit IG @DoYouKnowProto or DoYouKnowProto,tumblr.com for verification.

Bass Player, Producer - Omar

Los Angeles

Bass Player, Producer

Bass player and producer located in Los Angeles

Bass Player - Benson

Hong Kong

Bass Player

My name is Benson. I have been playing bass for nearly a decade. I would call myself an experimentalist, that is, I enjoy exploring possibilities in music. I'm up for anything.


Session Bass Player - Edoardo


Session Bass Player

Hi, I'm a bass player active since 2000


Session Bassist / Lyricist - Tony


Session Bassist / Lyricist

I'm a session bassist who likes blues, funk, rock, metal, and hip hop. Right now I'm working as a session musician for Pentagram Records. I have worked in many of the projects the label has signed. I also have my own band called Trance TV, a bass and drums psychedelic rock duo, in which I play bass, sing, and do the songwriting.

Bassist with a Moog addiction - Lex

New York

Bassist with a Moog addiction

I own five Moogs and counting... let's make the most of them!


Remote Mixing & Production - Jannick

Los Angeles

Remote Mixing & Production

California based Producer-Engineer

Long term musician/engineer - LL_iiiB


Long term musician/engineer

Years of playing Bass in orchestra, before jumping into the world of being a freelance musician in bands stretching from hardcore punk and Americana to Funk and blues. While going through a journey of mastering the Logic Pro X DAW producing and engineering for Hiphop artist, RnB artist, Synth Pop, and Garage punk. I have a large repertoire to offer


Producer,Engineer, Musician - Luxe.wav

Los Angeles

Producer,Engineer, Musician

I'm a producer/ multi-instrumentalist with experience in artist scouting and A&R.


Mix Engineer | Musician - Digby


Mix Engineer | Musician

I will mix & master your song with unlimited revisions! London based Mix-engineer, and session musician ready to lift your music to its next level. Working out of At Love Studios, I offer a range of services including: Mixing & Mastering, and instrument recording.

beat maker, mixing and master - DeShawn


beat maker, mixing and master

A beat maker, mixing and mastering engineer, and a session artist (Guitar, Upright bass, and Electric Bass). I will get you track sounding radio ready, Spotify ready, CD ready with the quality of these Engineers that promise grammy award winning quality, becaus I've been trained by many artist who have won grammy's and have learned their technique


Music Producer Record Mixing - Producer


Music Producer Record Mixing

Throughout my career, I have gained recognition as a world renowned producer with over 20 years of experience and awards in the industry of music. This career has given me the pleasure of producing hybrid genres including but not limited to Urban Pop music to Hip Hop music in both East and West coast markets. I am adept in the full range of producing

bassist/producer/engineer - Daniel



Hi everybody. I'm a versatile professional based in Hamburg, Germany. In the last 10 years I mostly played bass on sessions and live in the most diverse genres. I have a degree in jazz upright but mostly play electric these days. Recently I've started producing and mixing my own projects. Doing that I have a big network of incredible musicians.

Session Guitarist - Bizzythowed

Los Angeles

Session Guitarist

Grammy winning Guitarist with credits from The Weeknd ,French Montana, Belly, Nicki Minaj and many more. 17 years experience I've worked with the best of the best.



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