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Producer/Engineer/Songwriter - Damion Hill

I am an international freelance producer/audio engineer/songwriter. I've worked with clients not only from the USA but from places like Finland, Australia, Italy, France, Brazil, Sweden, & etc...

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Visual-Tek

Music Producer from Argentina, specialized in electronics and heavy music or dance music.

Record, Edit, Mix, and Master - Brandon Moore

Hey there! Are you looking for that radio ready production for your latest single? Maybe you're just wanting a demo made for A&R. Is your mix engineer not understanding the vision you have for your final product? I'm your solution!

Creative Brand - The Stony Collective

The Stony Collective is a creative movement and brand based out of Long Island, New York. Our goals are to provide a creative platform for artists, to offer services and products to content creators, and to produce high-quality content for the music we are passionate about.

I play drums! Fresh/versatile - Jack Heslewood

Expert drummer (playing my whole life!) and decent singer. Couldn't possibly describe in 300 characters but let's just say I'm fresh and original imho. I'm a rocket scientist who's a creative type so whether your project is simple or complex I'm excited to work with you.

Mixing and Mastering - Jack Weallans

Sound is a wonderful thing; it can bring people together, engage audiences, change moods and deliver information. It can be the final touch on a project that glues it together and brings it to life. Despite this sound can sometimes feel like an abstract concept. This is where my specialism will be of use.

Songwriter, Music Producer - Joe Moralez

JOE MORALEZ is an American singer-songwriter, producer, and artist currently residing in Los Angeles, California. His most successful songs have been featured around the world through numerous commercial licensing campaigns and have garnered over a million streams on various music streaming platforms.

Composer, Guitarist, Mixer - Robert Hicks

UK based Composer, Guitarist and Mix Engineer. Works featured in many TV shows around the world. Specialist at laying in guitar into cinematic/orchestral arrangements and using guitar as a sound design instrument. Orchestral and Rock/Pop/Drama leaning.

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