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Record,Mix, & Mastering  - Trailblazers studios

been recording and mixing audio and performances for 20 years. has a lot of experience on different workstations and production software and equipment

Recording Mixing Mastering Pro - Melbourne Recording

We specialise in producing blues, rock, pop, electronic and jazz. We work with bands as well as singer song writers and work with some of Melbourne’s best session musicians. We focus on giving you all the tools and advice you need in order to produce the best music.

Session Drummer - Kellii Scott

I'm Kellii Scott of the band Failure from Los Angeles. I am also credited to recording s by Failure, Christina Aguilera, Linda Perry, Pink, James Blunt, Auf Der Maur, Veruca Salt, KT Tunstall, Scissor Sisters, Dr Dre, Blinker the Star, Liquid Jesus, Hole, Faith Hill, Gary Jules, A Perfect Circle, Queens of the Stoneage, Lusk, Campfire Girls.etc....

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Audio Engineer, Music Producer - Georgios Gkanidis


Hey there ! I am Georgios Gkanidis, audio engineer and music producer with over a decade of experience. I have been coproducing, mixing and mastering electronic music projects that enter Beatport Top 100 multiple times. My unique blend of software and analog equipment make the tracks stand out.

I'm a producer and Sound Engin - MYV

I produce, Mix & Master and I engineer. I have been in this work for well over 10 years

Sound Engineer - George SDM

Professional certified film and music sound engineer, sound designer, composer.

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