Mixing & Mastering Engineers who worked with Audrey Karrasch - Butterfly (co-producer)

Photo of John McCants

John McCants

Songwriter, Topliner
Kansas City, MO, USA
17 Reviews
  • Top line writer (vocal melody) - $125/Song
  • Songwriter - Lyrics - $150/Song
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Many artists find themselves wondering if their song is good enough. I help eliminate second-guessing and simplify the writing process so they can release their work confidently.

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Photo of George Gleeson

George Gleeson

Singer, Songwriter & Producer
Brighton, UK
  • Singer - Male
  • Songwriter - Music
  • Top line writer (vocal melody)
  • 4 More...
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I'm an award winning singer & songwriter, and I want to write the perfect song for you!

Photo of FaultLine Studios

FaultLine Studios

San Francisco, CA
  • Mixing Engineers

You’ll love spending time in our spacious 400 square foot control room. Whether it’s lounging on the couch listening or sitting in the command chair mixing, Studio A is extremely comfortable and easy to use.

Photo of Rodrigo Montoya

Rodrigo Montoya

Mixing Engineer & Producer
Lima, Peru
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    Sound Engineer

    Photo of João Moreira

    João Moreira

    Record Producer
    Porto, Portugal
    • Mixing Engineers - $100/Song
    • Producers - $100/Song
    • Live Sound - $150/Concert
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    I'm a 30 year old sound engineer from Porto, Portugal. I love what I do and I'm always trying to improve. I like being organized and very focused. I really respect my clients and want to achieve the best result possible as a team.

    Photo of Gustavo Mugnatto

    Gustavo Mugnatto

    Guitarist, arranger,composer
    São Paulo, São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil
    • Electric Guitar
    • Acoustic Guitar
    • String Arranger

    I graduated in Music, studying Jazz, Brazilian music, Classical Music. I'm self taught in slide guitar, brazilian folk music, blues, rock and country. I'm also a luthier. I have been studying baroque counterpoint, which helps a lot when conducting voices, or making arrangements for brass and strings.

    Photo of Lawrence V. White

    Lawrence V. White

    Session and live bassist
    Hartford, CT, USA
    • Bass Electric - $70/Song

    Lawrence V. White (bassist, music director/arranger/producer) is a connoisseur and lover of all types of music. From Gospel to Hip-Hop; Rock to Jazz; Country to Alternative. It doesn't matter the form or genre--he has an appreciation for them all.

    Photo of Ryan Gilligan

    Ryan Gilligan

    Mixer, Engineer, Producer
    Los Angeles, CA, USA
    • Mixing Engineers - $600/Song
    • Producers
    • Recording Studios
    • 4 More...
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    Mixer, recording engineer, and producer based in Los Angeles.

    Photo of Luis Chacon

    Luis Chacon

    Remote Mixing and Mastering
    Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela
    1 Review
    • Mixing Engineers - $50/Song
    • Mastering Engineers - $30/Song
    • Vocal Tuning - $10/Track
    • 3 More...
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    im a sound engineer from Venezuela, i worked with a selected team of musician here, some Latin Grammy winners, i studied in Audioplace, a sound engineering Academy, a have my own studio, and some friends with his own mastering and mix studios with HiFi equipment. I use ProTools with FabFilters plugins, WavesAudio, Soundtoys, Altiverb, some of the