Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with Archie Roach

Music producer,  mix engineer - Ben Hense @ Beat Tank Studio

With over 20 year experience in recording and producing, I can transform your song ready to release. Just send me your demo or stems and I can layer new parts, edit and tune your vocals and then mix and master it. I produce pop, EDM, acoustic, rock and electronic music, hip hop and trap.

Remote Mixing Engineer - Dan Swan

As a talented mixing engineer, I blend artistry with technical expertise to sculpt pristine soundscapes that captivate audiences and elevate every musical creation to its fullest potential

Engineering & Producing - David Henebery Audio

Four decades of engineering experience in live and recorded music production in all genres and across all levels, ability to deliver unsurpassed pristine sonic clarity, separation and punch while retaining true dynamics without sacrificing loudness.

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Producer/Mixing Engineer - Jack Byrne

Hey there! My name's Jack, I'm a Producer and Mixer based in Leeds in the UK, and I want to help you make a record! Are you sitting on music that you're not happy with? I can take it from dull, quiet and lifeless to vibrant, saturated, and powerful. Let's work together to create the record you hear in your head!

Lyricist - Jay Parish

I log on daily, so feel free to message me anytime. I respond as fast as I can, but please note that we might be in different time zones. *Songwriting samples at right side under My SoundCloud tracks. (Browsers sometimes move this to the very bottom) Thank you for visiting! Jay

Lyricist, Song Writer  - Be Kay

I love to create. Whether I am writing music or poems, I am most happy when I am creating. I practice this passion a lot. I turn the boring sidewalks and exteriors of buildings into playgrounds with Parkour and everyday sounds and words into a rhythmic melody. I'm always thinking and looking at things differently. Lets see what we can create!

Producer, Mix & Master Eng. - Brandon Tyler

Bachelor of Audio // Portfolio of Experience // Access to Tape Machine // Quality Outboard Gear // Affordable Rates // Industry Standard Recording, Mixing and mastering // My name is Brandon Tyler - I'm the Producer, Mix and Master Engineer you've been looking for. IG & Twitter: @Real_IVRecords Web: www.infinitevarietyrec.wixsite.com/website

The 1st Writer Producer Farmer - Tom Wilding

Creating in the undergrowth of the music industry.

Session singer/songwriter - Cassandra

Looking for a creative new age sound...i have a a unique voice and style all of my own... My roots are Native American and European.

Lead & Backing Vox, Topliner - Ruth Blake


Emotionally potent mezzo alto vocalist with wide range, soft yet strong. Deep and rich with ethereal clear high tones. Intuitive topliner and harmoniser + acoustic guitar finger picking.

Editing - Achievers Lodge

Achievers Lodge has the best and highly qualified editors and proofreaders in its team.

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