Mixing & Mastering Engineers who worked with Ana Flora

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mixing and mastering, Producer - Maurizio Altieri

I'm a Music producer and mixing engineers , I live in Italy ,I have been in the music field for more than 20 years playing bass guitar and keyboards ,I followed several mixing and post production courses, as producer together with the dj Alex Natale we have made several productions that have gone very well at European level

Music Producer - Alessandro Piatto

Synthwave, Techno & House Mixing & Production

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Tracking & Mixing - Michele Ricci

Im an Audio engineer. I work freelance out of a Project studio in North Bergen, Nj and Engine Room. I Learned everything I know from the great teachers at the Institute of Audio Research, Including well respected industry greats and knowledgeable new comers. From names like Mario Salvati, Dan Grigsby, Robert Musso, Joseph Caravalho, and many more.

Mixing Engineer - Zohar H.

Mix engineer & Sound designer for more than 20 years. I love mixing, Its my passion. There is a piece of my heart and soul in every song I mix, which is why each song is special and unique. Get your song out there with the mix it deserves today!

Producer/Engineer - Grayson Howard

Award winning audio engineer / producer. Good stories matter. Your story deserves an audio expert's touch.

Session Violinist and leader - Roger Mo

creative, versatile, fiery and passionate violinist constantly thinking outside the box.,Graduate of the Royal College of Music, Nadine has a vast experience in chamber music, session work, collaboration across different genres (jazz/fusion/rock/folk), improvisation, cross-art projects, musical comedy & making music accessible to a wide audience.,rajaviolin@yahoo.com

Music Producer - Monroe

Music Producer

Mixing,Mastering,Production - Sound Like You

Behind the scenes working with top 40 producers,artists, and labels. We can take care of you through every step of the hit making process from writing to mastering.

I am a choir singer :) - Sally Manullang

I love to sing, my range vocal can hit from B2 - G5

Double bass and electric bass - Jaume Guerra

I'm a versatile bass player, composer and arranger. I love all kind of creative and artistic music (From jazz to trap, from folk to funk and rock) . Playing jazz excites me just as much as writing simple but interesting music. I also enjoy looking for the perfect bass lines, chord progressions, sounds or any sort of ideas for any project.

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