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Photo of Joshua Taylor


Real faders, real sounds and plenty of mojo. I'm a mix engineer and musician who believes in helping to create organic, great music.

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Photo of Saeed Kasra

My name is Saeed Kasra and I'm 25 years old. I learned playing guitar 13 years ago and 10 years ago I started producing music with Fl studio. After that I'm producing and mixing professionally with Cubase and Abletone live for about 7 years.

Audio Video Web Casting - Bill Columbus

I have been producing live web streaming and webcasting events since 1997. We started with NFL Films working with them to workflow to Real Media and AOL. We have hosted events as large as 50K simultaneous users and have worked producing Action Sports like Surfing and Skateboarding to Political Rallies and Corporate Events

Photo of CDM Sound Studios, Inc.

CDM Studios is a place people come back to because it's a place that makes people want to work. There's a vibe people like. A non-studio studio atmosphere. It's light. It's cozy, and it sounds amazing.

Photo of Nic Bravo

Fairly new to the scene as a published singer-songwriter. My approach to songs is to get the ideas out, then find ways to, if necessary, make it palatable to any top sound, without compromising identity, the message, or the voice. I believe in a collaborative approach & idea development: you can come to me with gibberish, & I'll find its soul.

Create Lyrics for Songs - Justin Kristoff

I am a 17 year old who has been in the music writing business since I was 10 years old. Started with Rap lyrics then with emotional lyrics. I cover 3 genre's mainly and those are Rap, Hip-hop, and alternative rock

Photo of lifeofsaeed

The Goal is to achieve the artist's visions!

Beatmaker, Music Producer - TZ13

Hello, I'm TZ13 from Brazil, I make beats, produce, mix and master, I'm percussionist too. I like to be creative and original, to try new instruments and rhythms in music. I keep looking for attempts and experiences to evolve in the art of music.

Photo of Miles Hardt

I’m a writer who has sharpened his pen by traveling and writing songs all over the world. I am versatile with my words and my voice. There is a catalog of songs online that show who I am. Grateful for all collaborations with other beautiful artists

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