Premium Audio Mastering - Cassio

São Paulo

Premium Audio Mastering

My goal is to help creative artists to achieve high levels of audio quality and music sensation.

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Producer, Songwriter, Artist - Ortiz


Producer, Songwriter, Artist

Recreate the current sounds of today or define yourself with your own creative style, I can help with either musically or lyrically whichever you need!

just test - test


just test



Mixing, Vision Mechanic  - Braeden


Mixing, Vision Mechanic

I finish records, I polish tracks, I help release great music. I avoid the "take it and run" approach by consulting with my clients on their goals and help them plan. Your music is an asset, let's treat it like one. Something you can perform, release and even place on film and TV. Recent placements and nominations include Lululemon and Polaris

Session Guitarist - Dusan


Session Guitarist

Session guitarist and freelance musician with 20+ years in the field of music, fluent in different musical genres (pop, rock, jazz, funk, reggae, blues etc). Able to create commercial-quality tracks including guitar hooks, melody lines, fills, ambient sounds, as well as rhythm sections that will suite your songs.


null - Filipe


Hello everyone! If you wish to have your tracks mixed, remixed or mastered talk to me!


Music Composer,Mixing Engineer - Himanshu


Music Composer,Mixing Engineer

Composing Music with Detail and meaning is what I thrive for. I try to Simplify things and make every step valuable.

Session Drummer/Key Programmer - Colton


Session Drummer/Key Programmer

Nashville based producer/drummer with worked featured on Grammy Nominated projects.

Session Singer/Songwriter - Jane


Session Singer/Songwriter

Session Singer/Songwriter - Written and performed on songs across all popular genres, EDM, Pop, Hip-Hop, Gaming Music, Celtic, etc. Past credits include Crystal Knives, Vanillaz, Toronto Is Boken - tracks signed to Thrive/Sony U.S.A, Good Solider, Viper Recordings, Elixir Recordings.

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