Award Winning Engineer - Peer


Award Winning Engineer

Studio owner Peer Hahnefeld has been working in the music industry for more than 15 years. His credits include numerous national & international No. 1 chart entries, gold-, platinum-, music and media award productions from more than 15 countries from across all continents.

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null - Andrea


I'm a studio sound engineer and producer @ IGLOO AUDIO FACTORY I also work live sound engineer for a lot of italian bands like Giardini di Mirò, The Death of Anna Karina, A Classic education, Fine Before You Came, Valerian Swing, Ornaments, ecc. I worked live for international artists like Dianogah, Mick Harvey, Terje Nordgarden and many others.

Hip-Hop Producer - Face


Hip-Hop Producer

I'm a hip-hop producer. I've been doing this since 2007 and I've got a big experience in that scope. I can make beats for any genre such as old school, trap, phonk and beats influenced by electronic music. But my favourite way to work is create some new vibes by mixing best tricks & sounds of traditional hip-hop with new sounds & move genre up.


Mastering & Restoration - Anna


Mastering & Restoration

I'm a mastering engineer in Boulder, Colorado. I've worked on several GRAMMY-nominated projects. I enjoy working on a wide variety of genres from rock to R&B, though I am known for my work in folk, Americana and bluegrass. I value dynamics over loudness, emphasizing the emotive power of songs instead of catering to the masses.

music producer, song writer - Jayy

South Bend

music producer, song writer

The reincarnation of juice wrld! I always get that i sound like juice from all my engineers.


Session drummer, sound wiz - Søren




Session drummer, sound wiz

Hi, I'm a versatile sessiondrummer from Copenhagen, playing mostly rock, pop, latin, blues and jazz.

Songwriting and Music Producer - Black


Songwriting and Music Producer

Music Producer ,Beatmaker, Songwriter, Topliner and Recording Artist specialized in Reggaeton, R&B ,Lofi ,Dancehall, and Music urban

Recording and mix engineer - Tim


Recording and mix engineer

Grammy nominee for "Best Engineered" non classical and multi platinum recording/mix engineer.


Intuitive Singer + Songwriter  - Doe



Los Angeles

Intuitive Singer + Songwriter

Hello! I am a singer and songwriter signed to ANTI- Records. I have released 3 of my own records and regularly write for other Artists, when I am not on tour. I also do commercial work and have had my music featured on TV, Film and Radio. Songwriting is my joy and I love to help others fulfill their own artistic visions.

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