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Mixing and enhancing tracks by using a selection of alternative acoustic instruments and creative production techniques.

My background is in recording and mixing acoustic music, and playing Balkan, Musette, Greek music, Tango and other rootsy things. On the side I have been making some unusual acoustic instruments which I have been using with great success live and in the studio.
What I specialise in, is enhancing tracks by adding parts or by creatively processing sounds. My instruments and my musical background are key in this process. I go for sounds with a lot of character, that bring a strong atmosphere to the mix.
Perhaps you have a number of songs but you didn't get any further yet than a guitar and a vocal, and you would like to take it to the next level and add something 'different' to it. Or you are working on a soundtrack (or perhaps you don't have anything but need a soundtrack) and it has 'something' missing. Or you are making a film and are looking for an interesting soundtrack with rootsy sounds (roots not only from the US but from Europe or the Middle East for instance). I could be your man!
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Interview with Pindos Music

  1. Q: Tell us about a project you worked on you are especially proud of and why. What was your role?

  2. A: Some years ago I mixed an album for Belgian / Australian singer songwriter Carl Cleves. The music was mostly done except for a few tunes, which I enhanced with some extra parts. There was one song however, by the famous singer Jacques Brel, which Carl had recorded singin along to a guide track. He gave me only the vocal, no click, no guide, nothing else - as somehow the original file had been deleted by accident. As he was travelling the world while I was working on it, he couldn't redo it neither. I loved the song however and I created a very atmospherical track to go with his vocal. It turned out fantastic and makes the song sound even more dramatic than the original. Matter of taste too but I'm quite proud of that one. The album got nominated in 5 categories for the MusicOz awards.

  3. Q: What are you working on at the moment?

  4. A: A musette project of my own, and I am about to start a remix for an Australian singer.

  5. Q: Is there anyone on SoundBetter you know and would recommend to your clients?

  6. A: Yes, Zlaya Hadzic, very talented and interesting guy who is more at home in Indie styles etc. He is also one of my favourite mastering engineers. Great fun to work with but sometimes difficult to get hold of as he's very busy.

  7. Q: What do you like most about your job?

  8. A: Working with various creative people from around the world. Each job brings unique challenges, which keeps it interesting.

  9. Q: If you were on a desert island and could take just 5 pieces of gear, what would they be?

  10. A: Well - I wouldn't take any recording gear at all but I guess that is not what I'm supposed to answer.. for music I would bring my Crane Song Spider, my National Resonator guitar, my Claudeviol, my Josephson mic and my Chandler Germanium drive.I would find plenty of rubbish on the island to create soundscapes.

  11. Q: What was your career path? How long have you been doing this?

  12. A: Quite some years although I was never doing it fulltime. I studied music production and guitar, but then went into playing other styles (balkan, tango, musette) which were not part of my studies. During the music production studies we just learned the basics of recording a pop band or an orchestra, non of which I have been doing much since then. The creative part of recording, arranging and producing I have been doing for about 15 years now.

  13. Q: What type of music do you usually work on?

  14. A: Singer songwriter, soundtracks, various acoustic styles of music.

  15. Q: What do you bring to a song?

  16. A: Colour and character. A different twist. Sometimes other musical influences. If it is a song I always try to highlight the lyrics either by supporting or by contrasting in the sounds and arrangement.

  17. Q: Tell us about your studio setup.

  18. A: Small, mostly Hi-End and mobile for recording anywhere we feel like. At home I have a mixing setup with two SSL X-desks, some Crane Song and SSL outboard and some vintage units which I like for their character. I don't do much in the box except for some interesting impulse response reverb plugins. My microphones are mostly handmade, I know them very well, they each have their own strengths which help me bring out whatever side of a sound I would like to highlight.

  19. Q: What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?

  20. A: Musicians from traditional backgrounds inspire me a lot, but I like to use these influences outside of their tradition. Many great producers around these days although they mostly work in other genres than I do. One who stands out for me is Tchad Blake

  21. Q: Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.

  22. A: Dressing up songs with added parts by me, sometimes complete arrangements, and making it all work and sound good.

'Dance With Me' by Parissa bouas

I was the Arranger, Coproducer, Musician, Recording and mixing engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

My goal is delivering something unique, and I am used to working out the terms for each project with the client. Contact me to discuss your project.

Gear Highlights
  • Crane Song Spider
  • Brauner Valvet X
  • PMC AML2
  • SSL X-desk
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