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Founded by David Hachour and Florent Sabaton, ColorSound is a professional audio mixing and mastering studio based in Paris. We are one of the few mastering studios to offer real analog mastering services with a true analog summing. We offer stem, hard, and stereo mastering, both on-site and online.

Florent and David established their mastering studio in Paris after years of producing, publishing, mastering, and mixing music. They take their knowledge from 2 decades into the music industry. The studio works with numerous artists, both best-selling artists and anonymous, with the same commitment. Pioneer of audio mastering online services in France and Europe, as well as stem mastering techniques, the studio worked with artists such as Uffie, David Guetta, Tara McDonald, Yasmine Hamdan, or Nouvelle Vague to name only a few. ColorSound is one of the few studios in Europe to offer a real analog mastering service with an analog summing. We have two professional mastering cabins and two mastering engineers who demonstrated mastering and mixing expertise through years. Get in touch !

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Terms Of Service

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Gear Highlights
  • Burl Mothership B80
  • Crane Song HEDD
  • Burl B1
  • Dangerous Bax EQ
  • GML9500
  • Klein & Hummel UE400
  • Tornade type G
  • TubeTech SMC2B
  • LoopTrotter Monster
  • Masselec MLA-3
  • KuSh Audio Fatso UBK
  • Dangerous Music Monitor
  • Adam MP1
  • Barefoot MicroMain 35
More Photos
  • Black Strobe new single mastering sessionMar 22, 2014

    March 13th, we were proud to master again the next Black Strobe track, "Going Back Home", for Black Strobe Records ( Arnaud Rebotini ).

    Watch the video on our YouTube Channel ! Enjoy !

  • Mastered for iTunes Certified ProviderMar 22, 2014

    We are an Apple certified provider and partner of Mastered For iTunes.