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I am mastering engineer that always puts the artist first. I am an artist myself and after years of wanting to hear my masters come back a different way I decided to get into mastering myself. Since 2017 I have done 100s of mastering jobs for satisfied clients.

My name is Jon Neufeld. I have been mastering albums since 2017. I am a musician as well as a producer. I have lived in Portland,OR since 1997. Since then i have been in bands such as Black Prairie(members of the Decemberists),Jackstraw,Dolorean,Martha Scanlan and many others. All these bands recorded albums, and all of these albums got mastered. At some point i was hearing the details of the masters and zoning in on what could be done differently then the way they came out and it fascinated me that such little moves yield such dramatic results.So i dove into learning everything i could and am still fascinated by the way it all works and comes together. My studio is a analog/digital hybrid. I use a collection of analog gear by such companies as Dangerous Music, Crane song, GML , Metric Halo etc. My mastering DAW of choice is Wavelab Pro.

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