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You have an idea,a song,some files you want to transform into a ready to master-mix-well I can contribute in all steps involved.From recording to composition,writing,and arrangement to recording,coaching editing and mixing I can accompany you through all the steps needed to manifest your idea.I`m also a singer and have musicians at hand.

I run a Production and recording studio (with focus on production) in the Bavarian Alps in Southern Germany and sing and play and program variable instruments.As mentioned-if needed and the budget allows it I can also get you some musicians to play on your tune and record,edit and mix them for you.If you live too far away to record in my studio or you have already recorded files, you can also send me single audio tracks or midi files to be worked with,whether it is to mix them,edit them,arrange them,compose something to them,write something to them or add some backing vocals to nice up the song I can offer you a broad spectrum of what it takes to accomplish an interesting and unique ready to master-mix..I´m very experienced in choir singing and composing of choir parts but also in composing instrumentals to existing vocal tracks or vocal tracks to existing instrumentals.
Genrewise I`m open to everything what touches and inspires me..Personally I have much experience in Dub and Reggae but also some experience in Classic,Soul,Funk,Hip Hop,Dubstep Pop,Jazz,Rock,Blues and Worldmusic through the productions I participated in and through years of singing and playing in bands,choirs and orchestras.
I like inspiring and uplifting messages and a music what can touch peoples hearts.I don`t promote slackness and hatelyrics as I think as artists we have a responsibility.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Latin
Gear Highlights
  • DAW:Logic Pro 8
  • Soundcard:Echo Audiofire 12
  • Desk: Eurodesk 24/48 channels(Beringer)
  • Monitors: Alesis Monitor One and Sansui Amp
  • Yamaha MSP5
  • some outboard gear
  • diverse Instruments
  • diverse Microphones
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