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Hi! I am an Israeli musician living in Tel-Aviv, and I'm inviting you to check out my musical productions, arrangements i made for various projects and groups, and my recordings as a proffesional percussionist. enjoy!

As a singer/songwriter I know well the process that leads from an idea to its fulfilling.
As producer of various styles, I tend to agree to the saying that
no production could force itself on any artist-
the most important thing is to find where it maximises his relevant abilities.
arranging for 2-5 vocals, i learned a lot about how ingredients mix with the dish.
writing for an orchestra with computer samples and a rythm section,
I experience how true each component should be.
producing it's recordings, i learned how to run a complex long day, leaving everybody
with the unpricable feeling of making real art in the best conditions,
with people they appreciate.

hope i can help in any way, for your music to hit the spot.

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Terms Of Service

I am very flexible with revisions and usually adjust the production type
to the client charachter.

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